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Josep Palau i Fabre International Essay Prize

Josep Palau i Fabre International Essay Prize

Josep Palau i Fabre International Essay PrizeAuthors of essays in Spanish or books in any language other than Spanish or Catalan can participate in this contest.


Categories include untranslated text and original text.

The untranslated text category accepts books that have been published outside of Spain during the last three years and that are originally written in any language but Catalan or Spanish. Writers can participate only if the work has not been translated into these languages before.

The original text category accepts essays written in Catalan or Spanish, with a humanistic, creative approach rather than academic to any discipline (philosophical essay, sociological, historical, literary, political and aesthetic).


The Fundación Palau and Galaxia Gutenberg


Winners in each category will receive EUR5,000 (about US$6,750)


30 November, 2013


  • In the category of not translated work, the jury will take into consideration all those books published abroad during the last three years and that have not been edited yet in any of the official languages of Spain.
  • In the category of original work the Jury will take into account all those books that have a humanistic topic preferably with a creative approach rather than academic of any discipline of thought (philosophical essay, sociological, historical, literary, political and aesthetic).
  • The work will develop a single topic or several related topics. They should always be unpublished works.
  • All entries must have a minimum of 350,000 characters (about 150 pages).
  • The award for the original work has to be written either in Catalan or in Spanish.
  • Whereas, the award for the not translated work can be written in any language.
  • The amount of the award will be 5.000€ for each of the categories. Such amount covers the copyright for the publication of the books in any of the official languages of Spain by the editing Company Galaxia Gutenberg.
  • The originals should be emailed to the following address, stating in the subject: “For the 5th Josep Palau i Fabre International Essay Prize “.
  • The first page of the book should include the personal data of the author.
  • If you want to participate using a nickname, write it down in the first page of the book and post your personal data in certified letter to: Fundació Palau C/ Riera, 54, 08039 Caldes Estrac, Barcelona, Spain. The deadline for accepting works is the 30th November 2013, at 24h.
  • The Jury will be composed of four intellectuals of national and international reputation, which will be renewed every year, and of the President of the Fundació Palau.
  • The Jury will award the prize through successive eliminations and votes.
  • The Jury will issue the verdict on 23rd February 2014 by notifying it in the press.11. The Fundació Palau and Galaxia Gutenberg reserve the right to change the composition of the Jury in the case of illness or absence of any of its members.
  • The participation in this prize implies the acceptance of the terms and conditions and of the rights and obligations derived from them.


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