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How To Know And Avoid Online Scams

How To Know And Avoid Online Scams

Two days ago, I launched my brand new online course, Affiliate Goldmine. Many readers have jumped in and I’m very excited to have them around.

I think their decisions came swiftly because they’ve known me for some time, taken at least one of my previous courses and have come to trust that my courses deliver on – even more than – their promises.

But because my newsletter grows at an alarming rate of over 100 new subscribers per day, there’re hundreds of readers who haven’t known me for more than a few days.

One of such new readers emailed me two days ago to tell me he’s done an online business that looks like the pay-per-lead (PPL) affiliate marketing I teach, and he earned money on screen but never got paid.

… And while I was sympathetic with his bitter experience, I was angry at his naivety as well.

Here’s why…

Online scams are very, very easy to identify and avoid… provided you understand the basis of making money online.

The ONLY way to make money online

I’ve said this before here and here, and I’ll repeat it again: the ONLY way to make money online is by selling.

You have to first create value to make money. But that’s not enough.

You also must sell to or via the beneficiaries of your created value, or the value won’t put money in your pocket.

Google and Facebook make millions of dollars daily SELLING advert spaces. Linda Ikeji reportedly makes N4,000,000 (yes, that’s 4 million Naira) daily SELLING advert spaces.

Jon Morrow makes over $100,000 every month SELLING online courses. Pat Flynn makes close to that monthly selling affiliate products.

Each time you misunderstand or forget this point, you’re a good prey for a scammer.

How To Know And Avoid Online Scams

The difference between PPL programs and scams

Some crazy scams are made to look like PPL affiliate programs and used to deceive newbies who don’t really understand that SELLING is how to make money online.

Examples are YouthWeeklyPay, MonthlyYouth, Multiple10Dollars and TwentyDollarsRiches (you can Google each of them).

For PPL affiliate programs:

  • You generate lead or “prospective customers” for a company and get paid (read details here)
  • After that, the company pitches its products/services to the “prospective customer” with a view to SELLING

That’s a legitimate business model built on SELLING.

Scams that look like PPL have NO products or services to sell. They just want your money or labour.

I’ll give 2 illustrations.

Number one, for YouthWeeklyPay and MonthlyYouth scams:

  • They ask you to generate leads for them and show you money you’ve earned on the screen
  • They tell your leads, too, to generate leads to make money, and further tell the new leads again to generate leads to make money… and the evil circle continues.
  • They have NO product/service to sell to the leads. So they‘ll never pay any of you.

Avoid that.

Number two, for Multiple10Dollars and TwentyDollarsRiches:

  • They ask you to pay $15 to register.
  • To make money with them, they ask you to bring leads, and each of your leads will pay $15 too out of which they keep $5 and pay you $10.
  • They ask your new leads again to bring other leads who also pay $15 to join. They pay $10 to those who bring them and keep $5… and the evil circle continues

Multiple10Dollars Scam

In essence, they have NO product/service to sell. They just scam you of $15 and collude with you to scam others of their $15 in other to make $10 for yourself.

That’s unethical and no experienced online entrepreneur will fall for it.

Always remember that the ONLY way to make money online is SELLING. Before joining a PPL affiliate program, find out what the PPL affiliate company sells, or intend to sell, to the leads (prospective customers) you’ll generate for them.

For example:

  • CreateSpace sells its publishing services to the leads
  • Audible sells its audio books to the leads
  • Etc.

If the PPL affiliate company has no product or service to SELL, ignore it as its program is likely a scam.

Aside the absence of selling, other red flags to look for to know a scam are:

#2. Reviews

Google the program name with “review” (e.g. “YouthWeeklyPay review” or “CreateSpace affiliate program review”)

#3. “Done for you”

This is a common guise used by scam or over-hyped programs. They promise to do 95% of the work or even everything for you while you just relax and receive credit alerts.

That’s a scam.

Legitimate businesses require you to put in the efforts by yourself for you to get result. I do clearly state on the registration pages of my courses that to get the promised result, you need the right knowledge (which I’ll give you) and hard work (which you must put in).

#4. Who’s behind it?

Is the course or program run by one website or person no one knows? CreateSpace and Audible for instance are owned by Amazon, one of the most reputable companies the world over. A PPL affiliate program they run cannot be a scam.

Again, if the person behind it is a trusted blogger who shows up regularly to post valuable content, and connect with readers, and share his struggles and failures as much as his triumphs, he’s likely a real and reliable person.

But if he’s a faceless person with just a single web page advertising a book or a course, beware.


SELLING is the basis of making money online, and once it’s absent in a business model, you should get ready to flee.

The other red flags aren’t conclusive on their own but they’re important metrics you should always watch out for before taking up an online business.

That way, you’re likely never going to be scammed online.

I invite you to join my new course, Affiliate Goldmine, and learn how to make real money by creating value. The discount closes TODAY. Click here to read the details.

Questions: What are your best tips for avoiding online scams? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  1. Thanks for this tips.

  2. Ajiroba John says:

    I had done things like the YouthWeeklyPay before and that’s why I had doubts about Affiliate Goldmine before. Thanks for this fine distinction.

    I just paid and sent you my details. Please check your email for my details.

  3. Another valuable post from d coach himself.

  4. Another important tip is to always see WHAT the person behind the course or book actually does to make his money. Many internet marketers in Nigeria just show screenshots of credit alert into their bank account without proving that the credit is actually from the business they teach.

    One should not trust people who preach what they don’t practice. I joined Affiliate Goldmine yesterday. Thank you Abdullahi, for sharing this, and for only teaching us what you’ve actually tried and found to be true.

  5. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

  6. Ayeyemi Taofeek Kehinde says:

    Identifying SCAM is not difficult. Some will assure you of making thousands monthly. But the question you’ll keep asking yourself is what actually will you be doing to earn these money. All they do is to promise.

    Abdullahi’s courses are self-explanatory. You’ll know what to do to make the money and how you’ll do it as well.

    I’m a graduate of all his courses: both FREE and PAID and they are all plausible top-notch.

    DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME. I’ll actually join the AffiliateGoldmine soonest.

  7. Kelvin Odems says:

    Thank you. I’ve really learnt a lot today.

  8. shittu habeeb says:

    Affilate Goldmine – That’s a very great discovery for Writers.

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