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Why You Should Read “The Laptop Millionaire” (And How To Get It For Free)

If you want to understand the varieties of ways to make money online as a writer or a blogger,  The Laptop Millionaire is one of the best books you can read.

In today’s Nigerian economy where an advanced degree guarantees no financial stability or a gainful employment, where 6 Ph.D., 704 Masters and 8,460 Bachelor degree holders applied for 100 driving positions at Dangote Groups in November 2012, making lawful and ethical money from writing and blogging comes readily as a welcome alternative.

When I first read that people like Jon Morrow who can’t move anything from his neck downwards make over $500,000 (N82.5 million) per annum from blogging, I concluded somebody must be lying.

And when I found out that John Chow makes over $100,000 (N16.5 million) monthly, I thought I’ve found a more skilled liar.

But I’ve eaten my words over time.

And since October 2013 when I cracked the code of affiliate marketing, I’ve made insanely high and lawful income myself that my family find difficult to believe.

In The Laptop Millionaire, the author, Mark Anastasi, explains how the “dot-com lifestyle” gives you much freedom of time, place of work and level of income. He inspires you to live it.

The book gave me lots of mind-blowing ideas on marketing, networking, writing, blogging and monetizing my passion.

It’s in the book I learnt that all you need to do if you want to double your income is to grow your email list. I tried it (investing money into Facebook adverts) and it worked perfectly.

An added advantage is that the book is in audio format. So you can read (or listen to) it while driving, cooking, washing or travelling.

BUT … and these are big ‘buts’

There’re some warnings I should give you about the book … so that I won’t be betraying whatever trust you have in me.

First, some of the money-making methods in the book aren’t practicable in Nigeria. He talked about Clickbank affiliate system for instance, and you can’t lawfully open that in Nigeria.

Those who manage to open it in Nigeria use fake addresses and misrepresent their true identities. I won’t do that. I trust you won’t do it too.

Second, he talks about some social media marketing tactics – like operating dozens of Facebook and Twitter accounts simultaneously – which I don’t agree with. I consider those as spam.

Again, the author talks much about his paid membership site and the tons of benefits you’ll get when you join. I’ve not tried it because it may possibly not cater to the unique challenges of internet business in Nigeria.

Overall, I gained lots of valuable insights and strategies from the book. If you’re a writer or a blogger and you need help making money from it, you’ll find the book helpful.

So check it out.

The Laptop Millionaire sells for $24.49. But wait…

Here’s how to get it for free (legally)

If you sign up for 1 month FREE membership with Audible (the Amazon company that sells the book), then they’d instantly give you the book for free.

NB: After the 1 month free Audible membership, you’ll start paying if you still want to be a member. But you can get the book and cancel your membership before the end of your free membership.

Warning: If you’re reading this on a mobile device, I recommend you go re-open this page on a laptop or desktop computer before you proceed with the steps below.

Interesting? The steps are as follows:

Step #1: Go to Audible and click “Free”

Laptop Millioniare

Step #2: Enter your email and click “Continue”

Laptop Millionaire 2

Step #3: Fill in your name, choose your password and click “Continue”

Laptop Millionaire 3

Step #4: Click “Next Step”

Laptop Millionaire 4

Step #5: Fill in your Mastercard details (of course you won’t be charged) and click “Add Credit Card”

Laptop Millionaire 5

Step #6: Click “Complete Purchase” (don’t worry, you won’t be charged).

Laptop Millionaire 6

Step #7: Click the icon of your device (Apple, Android, Kindle or Windows Phone), download the Audible app, download The Laptop Millionaire and start listening.

 Laptop Millionaire 7

How easy was that?

What about your free Audible membership?

You can choose to keep your membership beyond 30 days. If you do, you’ll pay $14.95 per month starting from the second month. And with your membership, you’ll receive one credit every month, to buy any book on Audible.
Or … you can choose to cancel your membership anytime before your 1 month free trial ends. If you do, you won’t be charged.

Got it? Super you!

How do you cancel your free membership?

When I cancelled my membership, I laughed so hard my ribs almost cracked (read on – you’ll see why).

Laptop Millionaire 8Step #1: Hover the mouse on your name at the top of the page and click “Account Details” from the options that pop out.

Step #2: Enter your password

Step #3: Click “Change My Membership”

Step #4: Scroll down the page and click “Cancel Membership”

Step #5: Scroll down and click “Continue”

Step #6: They offer to give you a 50% discount if you change your mind and stop the cancellation. Just scroll down and click “Continue Cancelling”

Step #7: They further offer to give you a year membership for just $9. Just scroll down and click “Continue Cancelling”

Step #6: They encourage you to call their line if you need any help rather than cancelling. Just scroll down and click “Finish Cancelling”.

The next page displays “Cancellation Confirmed”. There you are!

NB: Did you notice how hard Audible tries to retain a member about to cancel? That’s what I found amusing.

And here’s what I like best about Audible: even after you cancel your membership, your library is still available, so you can always go back to access your copy of The Laptop Millionaire.

So, you have no reason to go hungry because you’re choosing to be a writer or a blogger … except hunger is your hobby. 😉

Are you making or would you like to make money writing or blogging? Please leave your comments below.

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  1. Interesting. Gona check it out. Thanks for the info.

  2. A very nice article ever read about blogging. »» Mohammed Abdullahi Tosin. You are Bomb, when it comes to blogging. Jaza khallahu khair.

  3. Jeremiah says:

    Except you have your affiliate link imbedded in herein, you should give your subscribers the audio book without them necessarily going through all these ‘rituals’

  4. On Step #7, there is No Option for a Computer Download, can’t the App. be downloaded using PC?. Although, l still prefer you send us the link. But any way you are good Abdull.

  5. beautiful …Abdullahi, u r a genius

  6. Alex A Anyebe says:

    iam interested in having a money making blog or a monitised blog that generate cash for how can i have such blog

  7. Thanks Abdullahi for the info. Was going to ask if it can be downloaded on PC, but I u’ve answered that already. See u at PenMoney MasterClass next week, God willing. Cheers!

  8. Sorry Hamed, i guess i'm a bit old fashioned. i have none of the devices; Android, kindle, Windows etc I prefer listening on my laptop or use an MP3 player.
    i have already subscribe for the 1month FREE trial but i cannot get the book. What am i not doing right? Can you pls help? Thank you.

  9. I am still laughing at how Audible struggles to keep a member, ‘care for customers’ hallmark of great businesses, that’s why iPage is number 1. I would download and listen to audio book soon, thank you and well done.

  10. Thanks Abdullahi for the info. Was going to ask if it can be downloaded on PC, but I think u’ve answered that already when Lacost asked same. See u at PenMoney MasterClass next week, God willing. Cheers!

  11. Hello, MAT,

    For the first time am able to meet a blogger who can show me the right way.

    Am so happy to come across ur blog thru Abass@WebIncomePlus

    Am a writer too(fiction) but am not good in essay writing, although i have great interest in that aspect of writing too.

    I have published three books on and am encouraged with the download.

    I started my blog recently and i want to solicite for your guest post as soon as i have reasonable traffic.

    Onceagain thanks for the insight.

  12. Awesome.Awesome.AWESOME!!!I’m so fired up.My goodness.Taking ACTION is all that’s left for me.Now I’m asking myself: should I just join the PenMoney Masterclass,OR just go straight and open a website,OR just go ahead and get The Laptop Millionaire?Mr. Abdullahi,i am finding it difficult to breathe!

  13. prince onyeka says:

    hi tosin the step two dint agree that i put those code demanded and also to continue, what could course that.

  14. is me

  15. Anonymous says:

    I was able to download the book using your method i wanted to listen to it on my PC, i have downloaded the audible manager too but each time i try to play it, it was asking me for my audible username and password and i don't know what the username and password is so how do i go about it

  16. Anonymous says:

    how can i get the hardcopy of the book if i dont want the audio format?

  17. Ebenezer says:

    Dear Abdullahi,

    Thank you very much for your generosity by asking your readers to read the Laptop Millionaire. Pls how can some of us who have never done online shopping and do not have credit card obtain it? I followed the link you sent and I discovered it is on Amazon and this require online payment and carting.
    Pls your advice is required. Thanks!!!


  18. Lawrence says:

    Pls I want to know if the download will work with BlackBerry Z10. Thanks.

  19. Thanks Tosin, I’m downloading the audio book right about now. Sure to start making money o

  20. Hi,
    no hard copy of this book?

  21. sean collins says:

    Shut of words, Boss U 2much

  22. I must say I’m impressed. Keep it up my dear M.A.T.

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