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3 Surefire Ways To Fall In Love With Writing … Again

3 Surefire Ways To Fall In Love With Writing … Again

Ever hated something you once loved so much?

It will happen, eventually. You will do something you love, and after a while, you’ll forget why you started. Whether it’s a college course, a relationship, or a calling, you’ll lose steam and start to feel trapped.

The reason you started no longer motivates you and you just wanna break up with your passions.

Love writing

As much as I love entering essay contests, I’ve had times I’ve felt fed up, disillusioned, or frustrated – and just felt like quitting.

If you’re feeling like that right now, don’t give up! There are ways to remind yourself how much you love writing.

#1: Take a break

Sometimes you might just be getting burnt out. Your creativity could be running on low.

All you need is take a deliberate break off writing to refresh your system. Just try to forget everything about writing. Instead, do something else.

Maybe something like watching motivational videos, reading jokes or hanging out with friends. Sometimes a day will do. Other times you’ll need more days.

I’ve tried it myself and each time, I’ve returned to my writing more motivated and productive.

#2: Celebrate your past successes

The truth is we all love to be praised, hailed and celebrated. It’s just part of being human.

So remind yourself of things you’ve done right in the past. Have you published a short story, been commended by a teacher for your writing style or won a writing prize in the past? Has any of your Facebook notes drawn a lot of comments?

Go back to it and remind yourself how that felt. Celebrate it, even if that success is long past. That can do wonders and make you fall in love with writing again.

#3: Write for yourself, not anyone else

One reason you can become disillusioned with your writing is writing for the approval of others, and not for the pure love of the craft.

Every writer experiences this.

To love writing again, just write to communicate, not to please anyone. If you write to impress, your writing will be bad. But if you write to express, your writing will be impressive. [Click here to tweet that]

Ever felt fed up with your writing? How did you overcome it? Share your views below…website setup banner

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  1. When I get bored and fed up with writing, I simply opt for the opposite: Reading.

    Apart from jokes, reading other blogs naturally stirs up a mental challenge that just gets me up again.

    Besides triggering inspiration, reading works of other writers/bloggers is a source of motivation as it tends to create this “You – can do- more” attitude that just gets one fired up.

  2. It is true, reading actually stirs up writing and so does listening. When I listen to gists, news, other people’s ideas, I pick out something from it, mould it into a topic and elongate it via storry telling or when I feel lethergic, I just breathe, I relax.

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