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Madeleine Milburn Summer Writing Competition

Madeleine Milburn Summer Writing Competition

We are thrilled to open entries for our Madeleine Milburn Summer Writing Competition, 2016. A world-renowned literary agency based in the heart of Mayfair, London, we represent a dynamic and award-winning list of authors published in the UK, US and international markets.

Our agency offers the highest level of care to a boutique list of authors, working together editorially and developing their work across all media.  We are dedicated to each talented author we represent, managing their writing careers with passion, skill, and ambition.

Now we are keen to find a great new unpublished writer who can amaze us with an incredible voice, writing and premise. The Summer Writing Competition is open for adult novels with the theme of ‘Make Us Scared’. That can be anything from gritty crime and suspenseful thrillers to dark narratives, it’s completely open to your interpretation and can even cross genres.

We want it to be a book we cannot help but tell people about, a book that draws us back to reading when we take a break and a book which leaves us with a lot to think about.


Make Us Scared’.

It can be anything from gritty crime and suspenseful thrillers to dark narratives; it’s completely open to your interpretation and can even cross genres.


Madeleine Milburn (Literary, TV and film agency)


The top five entries will be selected by the Madeleine Milburn agency for the shortlist. A winner will be chosen by Madeleine Milburn and our guest judges, and they will receive a prize of £500 and an offer of representation by the agency. All five shortlisted entries will receive comprehensive written feedback from the agency.

We will offer representation to entrants whose writing we love. If you are offered representation by another agency while the competition is running, please let us know and we will withdraw your entry.


1 September 2016


o enter, you must be un-agented and the work submitted must be unpublished (work from which an extract has been published in a literary magazine is fine). The prize is open to writers from anywhere in the world, but the work must be written in English.

Entries are open from Friday 22nd July and the closing date is 1st September 2016. The shortlist will be announced on 8th September with the winner to be revealed on 6th October 2016.

We ask for a cover letter including a brief author bio with contact details, one-page synopsis, and a full manuscript to be submitted (or a minimum of 30,000 words if the novel is nearing completion).

To find out what we are looking for and for more tips on your writing and submission, head to Writer’s Corner on our website, and when you’re ready to enter, submit your manuscript to


For general inquiries, please send an email to


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