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Something You’ll Really Need To Succeed As A Writer

Something You’ll Really Need To Succeed As A Writer

Abdullahi’s Note: This is a guest post by Mohammed Afrah Jemal, a Student at the University of Jos. She loves writing and though had been undercover for a while, has decided to move online. Follow her blog to make positive criticisms and help her improve her writing. To write a guest post for me, see this guide

We’re all writers and we’re always looking for methods to increase the quality and efficiency of our write-ups, right?

That’s one great thing about writing; we try to put one another through, as the success of one is the success of all. Do you agree with me?

Note takingUnited we stand, pals!

Well, there’s this tiny yet essential tip I want to share with you guys today and I hope it becomes of immense benefit to you all.

This great feeling called “passion”

Being a writer is all about passion. At least to a greater extent. Passion is really the strongest driving force. With it you’re ready to face any challenge that comes your way. The brain is always on the move with new ideas popping in every now and then.

Thoughts of some enthralling stuffs to pen down. You just can’t resist!

The other side of the coin

At the other side of the coin lies the tendency of “idea traffic jam” entailing mix-up and tangling of ideas. I’m in a bus on my way home, an idea pops up. “Let me get home and write it down,” I tell myself. I get home in the next 30 minutes and alas! The original idea I had intended writing down has given way to millions of others and this gets me crazy!

I had to do something…

I realized that the more this scene repeated itself, the more my creativity and productivity declined. The more I got sad and depressed and the more I wasted time trying to recall the missed idea.

You can imagine how many effects I just listed! All on me.

No! I just couldn’t bear it any longer. How it would happen, I didn’t know, but I knew I had to do something. Anything. And real FAST!

As I was skimming through my school books…

I came across a lecture on note taking, under the General Studies Course “The Use of English”. We were taught the techniques and advantages of taking notes from lectures, text-books and the like.

Actually, I was studying for exams, and then suddenly A THOUGHT CROSSED MY MIND. I gasped! Why hadn’t this thought come my way before?

Ever thought about the importance of an “everywhere-you-go” note-book to writing?

After this great discovery, I made it an immediate obligation to rush to the market and get a beautiful note-book (after all, it would house my thoughts and ideas, it has to be beautiful!).

This has ever since been with me through thick and thin and it gradually became my very best friend. As soon as something comes up, I scribble it down – it’s too expensive to be lost.

All that would be left is to get back home, in the privacy of my room and make everything appealing!

It has really worked for me; I hope it does for you too. Please do let me know. I’d love to hear from YOU in the comments!

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  1. Thank you, Mohammed for sharing this. Yes, note books or journal books do help and I use them at home mostly. What I'm obsess with while on the street or while laying in bed is Evernote app on my phone. You can get it on Andorid or iOS. I write everywhere now even while in the toilet. (This is no joke). Try it out and you'll save more ideas than ever. All the same, I don't joke with my note-books, too.

  2. You Are Spot On,Dear Sister-In-Trade
    I discovered this secret a long time ago,and i have stuck to it ever since.

  3. Folukemi Ajayi says:

    ℓ̊ discovered this sometimes ago too…it works pretty well

  4. Anytime, Muhiz. I've never taken such apps seriously. But I think I'll try Evernote now.

  5. LOL! Sister-in-trade indeed… ^_^

  6. Nice write-up, sister-in-trade…lol

  7. Thx a lot for the reminder! Despite the fact that I know the importance of taking notes every now and then, I have not in the past been the note taking type and looking back now I have lost so many wonderful ideas because I imagine making some creativity from every scenario I find myself . I never considered myself being a writer back then anyway Better late than never they say!

  8. Thanks for the short but all encompasses piece. I had long imbibed the act of penning down my thought, taking a note everywhere but I don’t know how it suddenly fade away on me. this has been a helpful reminder. Thanks once again.

  9. Thank you Abdullateef…

  10. Sure, Ubaedah, better late than never!

  11. You’re welcome, Yusuf, I’m glad it helped…

  12. Ayeyemi Taofeek Aswagaawy says:

    That’s the secret dear sister-in-trade. It has always been working for me. My friend will say: “if Aswagaawy is chanced, he can write on a pen. Even in his dream too” thanks for this. I knew more about its importance too when I read my GNS 102.

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