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Naija Writers’ Coach Is A Year Old

Naija Writers’ Coach Is A Year Old

Naija Writers' Coach one yearHi friends and beloved readers,

I’m thrilled to let you all know that today, 10th August, 2013, Naija Writers’ Coach is a year old. That’s 365 exciting days of community service down the records 😉

Well, let me thank you all for being part of this success.

On this date last year, I founded the resource as a ‘.wordpress’ blog. After about three months, I moved on to an independent website here. The resource has since grown to become a community of writers improving their craft, amassing laurels and spreading impactful ideas. There is daily increase in Facebook fans, Twitter followers, Google+ fans and the incredibly awesome newsletter subscribers (if you’re not on the newsletter, oh my God! You’re missing out).

But never despair; you can join the newsletter now:


Many awesome things have happened I can’t recount all here. This week alone (like always), I’ve received some reassuring testimonials:

  • A NWC reader, Afeez Irekeola, emerged third prize winner in the 2013 Afrigrowth Essay  Contest;
  • Four NWC readers (I can’t mention names so they don’t get disqualified) have told me of their invitation for the prestigious CIPMN Essay Contest defense;
  • I’ve appeared, alongside a subscriber, Jimoh Ibrahim, on NTA 2, Channel 5 to receive my prizes as one of the winners in the 2013 Ramadan Diet Essay Competition.

It can only get better. If you’re fed up not having won any contest, don’t let in; quitters don’t win. Like I said some days back:


If you’ve not read my trailblazing FREE eBook, Your Right To Write, go do so now. It’s been downloaded over a thousand times. It might help you become the writer you now only dream of.

A quick not here

If you’ve attempted to copy paste any content from this site anytime in the last 3 month, you’d have realized it was impossible. I locked the site from ‘copy/pasting’ because some dumb folks were stealing contents from me and posting it on their blogs without acknowledgement.

However, this also decreased user experience for legitimate users who often want to copy the guidelines of an essay contest into their MS Word document.

So I’ve now unlocked it. But please be nice.


Once again, it’s nice having you all around. Enjoy the day!

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  1. Abdulkabeer says:

    You remain the boss, keep trailblazing and thanks for giving us the lead. You are much treasured.
    Long live NWC!

  2. hapi b’day.wish u better years ahead

  3. CONGRATS!!!!!

  4. Thank you for this wonderful site. I started visiting not too long ago, but I have already benefited a lot. I hope we’ll keep growing.

  5. congratulation, to the CEO of this wonderful site may ALLAH continue bless you and give you success in all your endeavour.amin

  6. AbdulGafar says:

    Thanks to NWC for its daily writing tips providing for us. We wish to see your existence for ever. We can’t wait for many years to come. What a resourseful site…….

  7. NWC- the website which has been of immense help to me. This is just the beginning NWC, many more fruitful years ahead

  8. Congrats! More power to your elbow. Long Live Naija writers coach.

  9. I’ve wanted to say this, i will like to suggest that there be accomodation for posting writeups, articles, e.t.c for other members of the group to criticize and scrutinize,as well as bring to fore forums where stories and books read can be shared. Just a suggestion, hope it makes some sense
    long live NWC

  10. Time waits for no man. Therefore, what you have to do, do it quick. Presently, in Nigeria of today, there is no any website that is as much as resourceful as Naija Writers Coach, when it comes to teaching and announcing essay competition. CEO, you have not done anything, you have just started. More power to your elbow.

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