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How To Overcome Writer’s Block. Step 1: Sit. Step 2: Write

How To Overcome Writer’s Block. Step 1: Sit. Step 2: Write

Today’s post will be super short.

Here’s why…

I’m battling writer’s block (Yes, I do have writer’s block too!).

For hours, I’ve been thinking of what to write and post today, to maintain the culture of posting a tutorial every Friday… but I’ve really been stressed out and my head is, well, block.

I’ve starred at the blank page for several minutes… no luck!

Overcome Writers Block

Yes, I need a break.

I need to slow down or even pause. I need to take in some fresh breath. I need to take a walk and catch up some interesting sights to boost my creativity.

After all, I’m not a superhuman.

But before taking the break, I have to take the first step to overcoming writer’s block: sitting and writing.

But what could I possibly write?

I can write about the writer’s block I’m having… write about my desire to write, my struggle with writer’s block and my inability to find inspiration (does inspiration even exist?)

And that’s exactly what I did.

I sat. I wrote.

And that’s why you’re reading this piece.

Yes, it’s short. Yes, it’s skeletal.

But it’s better than nothing. It’s better than not showing up. And I feel much better having shamed my ugly, compulsive visitor: writer’s block (I actually wrote this yesterday but could  not post it until today, Saturday, because all the three data networks I use – Etisalat, MTN and Airtel – were poor in my area).

So when next you have writer’s block, don’t give in.

Just sit.

And write something – anything!

Question: Do you ever have writer’s block? How do you combat it? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  1. That’s my number one foe. I overcome it by simply writing a ‘rubbish’ .Then I’ll try and remove the dross from it and come with a refined, beautiful piece. That’s what i do most of the time unless my muse is very charged which is rare. The bottom line is , talent is good, passion is desirable but only hard work will bring out that beautiful idea from you.

  2. Aminu Yusuf Malam says:

    These three easy steps… I love it!

  3. Aminu Yusuf Malam says:

    Exactly! I only noticed it now, that I wrote ‘three’.

  4. So true, You hit the nail on the head! however, in my own case, procrastination is my big foe. I’ve got a jotter full of ideas to write. Prefer reading productivity books and articles . I guess this article will just push me to get something done.
    Thanks ……….

  5. I never did it b4

  6. my own problem is not having a writer block but not knowing how to start my write up. you see i always have this crazy idea to write about something but how to start sometimes give me problem.

    • I get your challenge. I’ve been there.

      The way out is to start anyhow. You need not write the introduction first. In fact, what you start with may eventually not make it into the final piece. The starting point is just to get your thoughts flowing.

      So stop over-thinking it. Just start it. If the first part makes sense, you can retain it. Otherwise, you can cut it.

  7. I’ve been blocked severally and one way I get over is by just writing about anything. I quite agree with you Tosin

  8. akinfala oluwatosin says:

    When i find myself in this kind of situation, my easiest way out is to talk to someone. After talking for few minutes, i bounce back to life .

  9. Am presently @ the block-stop and i’am waiting for your guide to go …..thanks

  10. Basmallah Akomloafe says:

    My own way of conquering writers block is to relax,meditate about the topic am writing on and then put down whatever flows in however absurd it may be.I then put in draft form, and then leave it alone including all thoughts attached to the write up. By the time i’m back to the essay,i am revitalised and i can judiciously fine tune the essay,post it and then all is well.

  11. Writers block? The monster that always keeps me to the deadline. I can hold my pen for an hour but yet find nothing to write, at last, I will conclude by writing ‘there was nothing to write today’

  12. Hmmm. Nice tips. Sit down and write surely the only way to overcome writer’s block

  13. Adesina Seun H. says:

    My problem is not necessary writers block…. When I get blocked i write anything that comes to mind… then i have a problem with discarding things that are irrelevant so i end up writing things only i or someone good at seeing the abstract can read and understand….

  14. To be frank, in most occasions I always give up. But a times I will try putting something down.

  15. ok for me,either i read all through to the point i got stocked or i just let the pen and the notepad relax for some few minutes,hours and thereafter something pops up

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