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You Don’t Need Permission To Make A Dent In The World

You Don’t Need Permission To Make A Dent In The World

Almost every day, I receive an email or a chat message from someone who wants me to critique his new blog, ‘have a look’ at his book or just tell him how better to be a writer.

In essence, they want an assurance from me that they’re practicing their craft rightly.

But that is a recipe for failure. Waiting for others’ nods before you go all out to practice your craft and create values with it might make you wait forever.


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As a writer or an artist, you must learn to pursue your dream with courage and confidence even when you have no cheerleader.

Will you have fears? Yes, you will. Guaranteed!

And it’s in fact good to have them. Because if your dream doesn’t scare you and amaze everyone else, it’s probably too small.

But even in the face of the fears and self doubts and lack of certainty about getting great results, you must show up without being pushed and do your art. That is your duty.

What I don’t mean

Now I don’t mean getting influencers and forerunners to notice your work and offer helpful feedback is a waste. It’s in truth a morale booster that can make your day.

But these people often are under the burden of thousands even hundreds of thousands of people demanding their attention. There’s just so much they can do in 24 hours.

While it can be forgiven if you want the opinion of someone you admire about your work, it’s just dangerous to wait on it. You don’t want to wait forever.

Again, when you get it, the opinion might be misleading because the person isn’t in your shoes and doesn’t fully grasp your passion, competence and circumstance.

If you’re lucky to get it, give yourself a pat on the back and consider it well. If not, go ahead anyway and create a dent in the world.

What if you fail?

Good question.

Ask anyone who’s successful in what he does: clarity is a thing that you get as you show up daily. It’s not always there from the onset.

So don’t wait to have certainty that you’ll succeed at your dream before you set out. You never will have it.

Don’t wait until it’s likely you’ll make it either. It might never appear so.

But if it’s probable that you’ll succeed, you’re ready to go. You’re fully prepared to give your dream a hard shot and stick your nose to it to make it work.

If you fail eventually, you’re still better off not trying. You’d be many miles ahead the pack of the daily dreamers who didn’t take the first step.

Stop waiting. Start going

Those who wait for permission are dreamers. The world is full of them. They have tall goals and slow will.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day,” they would blurt, thinking it’s the quiescent idea in their head that would change the world.

But did it take a thousand years to build Rome? Huh?

Ideas don’t cook rice. Only actions do.

If you have a great idea, start implementing it today.

If you’ve scribbled a manuscript, start working on publishing it today.

If you dream of starting a blog or you just opened one, don’t wait for anybody’s approval or flattery.

Just go ahead.

You have my permission. Not that you ever needed it anyway.


What unexpressed dreams have you had for long and how would you chase them now without waiting for permission? Share in the comments.

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  1. Perfect piece! Posted at the rght time when I'm about to hit the publish button. Thank you for sharing your art. Those who're still waiting for permission are like the proverbial horse drawn on a book, it won't go places.

  2. Ayeyemi Taofeek Aswagaawy says:

    A nice piece is this today as usual. All post here have been an evergreen material. Thanks for this. Without any permission whatsoever, I’ll tell you that its good to keep learning……………………

  3. nice piece! i am highly inspired..i have a lot of write-ups but I am too afraid that i won’t meet up to the expectations readers so i just dump them..

  4. He is at it again "writers Coach", Permission! I think as the piece suggested we don't need permission to claim our right, the same way we don't need permission from anyone before we can eat, sleep,talk, express our feelings etc., As writers, i think the only permission we need is not from external sources, it is an internal permission!We only need to seek permission from within ourselves. If your mind whispers to you, it means you have gotten a green light and you are good to go. So go for whatever your heart desires and get it done. Thanks @ Coach, you are well done

  5. I wrote something similar, on the topic “A Place to Stand”… Thank u Coach; the thing is that, most times, I get very agitated before I get any of my posts published, no matter how small. I think, most of the time, what many writers need is assurance, and feedback.

  6. Thanks for this nice piece as usual.
    The veryone that hits my head like a nail is that essential reminder that ‘Rome was not built in a day’

    one needs to start from somewhere and gradually proceeds until u attain what you desire.

  7. Very helpful piece, always at the right tym…. good work bro

  8. I LOVE that simile. It's just perfect.

  9. I have never looked at it this way before, you have just exposed a part of myself to me.
    I appreciate you.

    I always thought I needed permission, or an approving nod. That if I don’t get it, then it means I’m doing something wrong.

    Your article literally altered my mind.

  10. Hello Abdullahi baba, your head is there. I like your courage and boldness, your advises inclusive are the fire that burns my soul.
    Your an inspiration and a mentor to me.
    I have a manuscript on love, life, and break up articles.
    But, I have a challeng now. I do not have a computer to start up my website, blog and internet marketing. A man called Martins Rooney in America. A network marketer and website designer who has a company called ZNZ promised me a website for free the first month then I will be paying about $17 per month to maintain the wesite every month, write about myself and my business, then use auto Responders to move on.
    No laptop, so I refused to collect it from him, but we are still friends.
    What do you advise I do in this instance sir.
    Yours Sincerelly,
    innocent Ifechukwude Ikelia.

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