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Don’t Die Waiting. Pick Yourself Today!

Don’t Die Waiting. Pick Yourself Today!

For 19 years ending in 2011, she waited to be picked. She wrote 1000 to 3000 words every day and churned out novels after novels but no publisher would choose her. Within those 19 long years, she got well over 100 rejections.

Yes, she got “No!” for an answer and was told her manuscripts weren’t good enough… over 100 times… spanning 19 years!

Then, in March 2011, she realized the futility of waiting for some gatekeepers or heaven-sent masters to come pick her. She picked herself and ventured into self-publishing via Amazon CreateSpace.

Then, within 1 year, she had sold over 300,000 books. Yes, you read that right: three hundred thousand books. That would put her on any bestseller list in the world. And that happened within just a year.

I’m talking about Theresa Ragan, and if you read romance novels or thrillers, you probably know her (if you don’t, Google it!). Clearly, she got sick of sitting and waiting in vain. She stopped waiting on publishers and picked herself.

Pick yourself

Now, the readers have spoken! They said she writes delicious prose. She’s a success, making a great living.

For 19 years, and over 100 times, the traditional publishers were wrong. But we never would have known they were wrong if she waited on them forever. She probably wouldn’t have lived her dream if she didn’t take courageous actions, even in the face of fears and the likelihood of failure.

You too, pick yourself

In Theresa’s story is a great lesson for you. You no longer have to wait for the government or big companies or venture capitalists or other godfathers to reach down from the sky and offer you a job or funding. You no longer have to go from company to company with your CV begging anyone to employ you. You no longer have to first get a Degree or an MBA before you pursue your dream.

You can summon courage today, work hard, be persistent, and get amazing result. You can choose yourself to be the dream you always wanted to be.

It’s scary, I know. But you can do it. You don’t need special talents. You don’t need to invent something as gigantic or innovative as Google or Facebook. Ordinary people are doing modest, extraordinary things. People born without any special privileges are rising daily, picking themselves and making headways.

Jon Morrow could have waited in a welfare home for breadcrumbs from the government because he had a Spinal Muscular Atrophy which makes him unable to move anything other than his face. He didn’t. He picked himself, started blogging and now makes $100,000 (N17,000million) every month.

Linda Ikeji could have forever waited to be picked by the godfathers in the modeling industry. She didn’t. When modeling didn’t work for her, she chose herself and started blogging. Today, she makes millions every month and is regarded as the most popular Nigerian blogger.

Bamidele Onibalusi could have waited till the Nigerian society grows enough to fully appreciate writers. He could have forever waited till ecommerce booms and payment processors stabilize in Nigeria.

He didn’t. He simply picked himself and ventured into freelance writing, despite the stiff odds of the Nigerian terrain. And… he started making over N700,000 monthly before he was 18 years.

What about me? I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. In truth, I was born with no spoon at all. I could have waited till I get a fat government job or wait for a messiah to come hand me a Ghana-must-go bag filled with N1,000 notes. Maybe I would have waited forever.

I didn’t. I simply picked myself. With just my skull, my passion and a diehard determination, I set out to pursue my dream. I started writing in 2009 and blogging in 2011. I typed essays after essays on my phone, transferred them through Bluetooth to a borrowed PC and processed them to enter essay contests. Other times, I saved the essays in my email draft on phone, retrieved them from a borrowed PC and… the rest is history.

Today, I’m not yet where I want to be but I’m many miles ahead of where I used to be. I’m grateful that I chose myself.

And I encourage you to do the same.

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What I teach in the course is the step-by-step system that changed my life. It is a system that has produced a handful of successful self-choosers. Hear one of them…

“I enjoyed every second as a PMM student. I loved the step-by-step break down of the whole process of on-line marketing as much as I enjoyed the inspirational ideas shared. PMM was an eye opener for a once on-line blockhead like me. I had once concluded that my relationship with technology wouldn’t be more than social networking and downloads. PMM simply expanded my thoughts and opened the doors.”

Vanessa Osuka | Motivational Blogger |

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The course holds online and the lessons are delivered by email. No prior knowledge is required. No travelling is required.

Registration closes soon. If you’ve got any question, please leave a comment below or call me on +2348182331125 (but please first read this page before asking. I might have answered your question on the page).

What is your dream and how can picking yourself help you achieve it fast? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  1. love you man. so much. looking up to you. d lord is your strength… thanks for this advice, I am really one of the frustrated ones. I have always loved writing but I do it for fun nd leisure until recently I got discouraged. with this boost, my morale has been hyped. Am hopefully getting admission this year not to study literature though, but I wont stop writing

  2. I love writing but my parents are discouraging me,they want me to go for a proffesional scientific course,if they catch me writing that means i’m in trouble.They forced me to a sciemce department and now i’m still seeking admission after 4 years of waiting.My dream is to become a popular writer but there’s no encouragement.Please,any advice?

    • Hi Lammy,

      I think there needs not be a conflict between your writing and your course of study. While it is wrong to coerce a child to study a particular course, I would not advise you to disobey your parents, for cultural and religious reasons.

      If you can convince them that writing is a profession and your passion, better. Try to identify their fears/concerns about writing (e.g. profitability, sustainability, etc.) and seek ways to address them.

      In any case, never totally leave writing, if it’s your passion. Never! Please.

  3. I was introduced to your site be a friend. I would like to know if there is a way I can sample some of my short notes and poems with you. Your reply is highly appreciated. Thanks

  4. hi lammy.
    Am not d best candidate to advice you on your issue now, but the fact that we have something in common compelled me to.
    I wrote a short drama in primary 6. I was very keen about writing at a tender age, I was a voracious reader too. my parents never bought d idea that I want to go into writing, it was just an uncle of mine who encouraged me never to give up. dey lured me into joining science department too. I just obeyed to fulfil all righteousness. I will just try to provide dem d certificate to be on the safer side. As for me, I am a born writer and a passionate blogger. Dont give up on your dreams bro…………

  5. Hi Tosin. just finished your e-book and loved it. But I have a question, How much does it cost to own a website hosted by i-page??? please reply sir

  6. Well, challenges are so stubborn and laziness obstinate that they make inspiring words fade in few moment.

    Having to fight discouragement from all form is a start-up step for intending successful online business persons.

    The stories are, I must say, motivating.

    So, I will just end the note with this- if after reading this post a man still decides to wait for a Messiah to come in his favour, I wish him good luck for his strong faith.

  7. thats for the promo pack right?. I heard the promo ends today. unfortunately I can’t purchase it today due to some inevitable circumstances. I will like to buy d domain name next month (ceteris paribus). so I will like to know how much it costs when the promo offer is closed…. thanks again.

  8. okay. thanks alot

  9. l will like you to create me a educational/business website


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