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Ramadan Diet Annual Ramadan Essay Competition


Entries are hereby invited for the 1433AH (2012) edition of the annual Ramadan Diet Essay Competition. Three topics have been provided: each entrant must answer question one (1) and either of two (2) or three (3)


  1. Islam: Morality and Societal Revival (COMPULSORY QUESTION)
  2. Women Liberation and Societal Revival
  3. Concept of Leadership in Islam


Ramadan Diet, NTA 2, Channel 5.


Assorted fantastic prizes for the ten (10) best entrants


26th of Ramadan, 1433AH (12th August, 2012)


  1. Each entrant must answer two (2) questions (i.e. Question 1 and any  other question).
  2. Question number one (1) is compulsory.
  3. Each question must be handwritten on 2 pages of full scalp (i.e. 4 pages of full scalp for the 2 questions to be answered.
  4. Winners will be announced before the end of Ramadan and invited for the NTA sahur programme, Ramadan Diet, to claim their prizes.
  5. Each entry must be written by a person; joint writing is not permitted.
  6. Each entrant must include his name, address and contact details.
  7. The two essays of each entrant must be enclosed in an envelope and addressed to:

The Producer,

Ramadan Diet,

NTA 2, Channel 5,

Victoria Island,





Naija Writers’ Coach (Announcement Formatted Using NWC Format). Other current essay contests are published here.

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  1. Kudos….. All the best.

  2. @Jimoh is Good, thanks for stopping by and checking. You were one of the winners last year. I’m sure you don’t want to be left out this year. See you at the top 😉

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