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Sapiens Plurum Earth Day Short Fiction Contest

Sapiens Plurum Earth Day Short Fiction Contest

Sapiens Plurum (Latin for “wisdom of many”) was named to reflect humankind’s evolving connected intelligence. The rising generation, the Sapiens Plurum generation, will have the power of gods of ancient myth: to heal, to transform, to battle and to better the future of humankind. Our mission is to inspire humankind to apply its amazing new technological powers to overcome problems that have plagued civilization for millennia: thirst, hunger, disease, pollution, brutality, tyranny and environmental degradation.


Sapiens Plurum’s current envisioning experiment aims at the broader theme of planetary well-being. Your job, as an author, is to inspire scientists and statespersons around the world to live up to the promise of the Paris Climate Change Agreement. Stories that promote the Sapiens Plurum mission will receive higher rankings than others. This does not mean that stories must be saccharine, naive or pollyanna-ish, but they should be heroic, even if the hero has feet of clay.


Sapiens Plurum


All 3 winners will have their stories published at our website. In addition, they will win:
1st Prize: $1000
2nd Prize: $500
3rd Prize: $300


April 22, 2016


  • Our criteria for judging your 1500-3000 word stories will be:
  1. Story quality:
  • Is it readable?
  • Do we care what happens?
  • Is there suspense?
  1. Understanding of the problem: does the solution demonstrate awareness of the interaction of our aspirations, our better and worser angels with our technologies and cycles of creation and destruction within the systems and networks of life?
  2. Inspiration: could this inspire scientists, social scientists, politicians, engineers, or activists to become protagonists in the fight against ocean pollution through its surprising simplicity, affordability, effectiveness, achievability, attractiveness and/or fun?
  • An expert judging panel will select the top 3 stories. In order to be judged blindly, authors must submit their stories without their names on the story. Their name and contact information will be linked through the Easy Chair submission system, as described below.
  • Deadline for submissions is 11:59 PM [23:59] Eastern Daylight Savings Time [UTC-4] on Earth Day, April 22, 2015.
  • Submissions must be the original work of the submitter(s).
  • All authors must be age 18 or older to win.
  • Only one submission per person.
  • Submissions should include 1500-3000 words, in English.
  • Decisions of the judges are final.
  • All contestants must sign a rights release form agreeing to our Terms and Conditions.
  • Follow these steps to submit a story. Only one story may be submitted per person.
  • Save your story, without your name, as a .pdf file. In order to provide an unbiased, anonymous review, please do not include your name on the story itself. You will be required to enter your name and contact details when you submit.
  • Visit our Easy Chair submission page for EDSFC2016. Sapiens Plurum Ocean Trash Write-away Short Fiction Contest.
  • You will be asked to log in or to register as a new user at Easy Chair.
  • Once you have logged in, click “New submission”. Fill in your name and address and title of the story.
  • Authors must agree to the Terms and Conditions in order to submit your story.
  • Upload the .pdf file containing your story.
  • Press SUBMIT to complete your entry.
  • Judging will take about 6 weeks, depending upon the number of entries. Sign up on our newslist to be informed when winners are posted.


Got any question, contact us via


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