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Secrets Of Successful Writers And Bloggers

Secrets Of Successful Writers And Bloggers

Abdullahi’s Note: This is a damn inspiring guest post by Gabriel Longyon, CEO of The Writer’s Voice. He digs dip into some secrets of those writers and bloggers you revere and envy. If you’ll like to write for me, see this guide.

A writer or a blogger, what are you?

Whichever you are, or want to be, let’s be realistic here, you want to be a successful writer, or blogger, just like me… winks!

In the cause of my search for greatness and success, I stumbled upon so many compelling and astonishing secrets that pivoted those who got them to where they are today.


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1. Start with passion

This is about your love for creating and communicating your work to the world.

I graduated as a trained building engineer, a professional course that can drive me fume at the snap of my fingers. But here I am, with my pen and pad, laptop and phone; writing voraciously like I never studied algebra and correlation in school.

Passion is why I’m writing today, passion is what brings creativity and fulfillment to me.

2. Write fine prose

Someone calls it the “Holy Trinity of Content”; reading, writing, and sharing.

Write, write, and write some more. It’s important to write five greater sentences per day than five mediocre pages; don’t get so caught up in words count that you forget about quality.

I always fancy inspiration, but you don’t have to keep waiting for it to come. A carpenter doesn’t need inspiration to make a table, it’s his profession. If he’d wait for inspiration to hammer in a nail, he would never make anything.

3. Read, read and read more

Haven’t you heard that not all readers are writers, but all writers are readers? When you are not writing, read.

Read everything you can get your hands on, and not just books that are particular to your kind of genre; learning is dynamic. Who knows if you’ve actually chosen a genre that might not suit you if you don’t read to find out?

If you are a non-fictionist, read fiction and see. If you’re writing a fantasy tale, grab a business book. The more you read, the better your horizon is broadened, the better a writer you become.

4. Finish your writing

When I failed in my first book – which was due to misinformation, I was so ashamed to continue my work and had to stash them covered in dust and cobwebs. That’s cowardice!

You need to fight cowardice and finish the work you’ve started, I mean, even if you come to hate that piece. Even if it sucks.

Starting a book and never finishing it means you’re not a true writer – you’re just a wannabe. Have you ever seen supermarket that opens stall only for customers to come sight-see? Or have you seen a practicing cook stir a cake endlessly without ever putting it in the oven? Not possible!

So go finish that book you’ve stashed away, like I once did, and be done with it, for better for worse.

5. Get a platform

In my detailed research, I never read of any successful writer, or blogger, who gained fame by having his huge collection of books, and blogs, heaped in his magnificent shelve.

They took the courage to hit the “Publish” button to show the world what they had to offer. It’s actually not a difficult thing to do. For what kind of writer or blogger would he be if he’d kept his collection for his kin? Everyone wants to be heard, what about you?

You need a platform to reach the world.

My platform is, I have reached out to so many people that I never thought I could ever meet or know. Of course I want the whole world to hear what I have to offer; and I bet you they are listening real good.

6. Keep learning

You would be accurately mistaken if you think just writing and showing the world what you can do with words is enough. It helps you gather feedback so you can listen and learn.

But also take in seriously what people say regarding your writing, it’s what is best for business. Improve your skills, and with each work you publish, observe how you can become an even better writer the next time.

So, what other secret of successful writers and bloggers do you know? Share in the comments.

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  1. Ayeyemi Taofeek Aswagaawy says:

    This is an awe-inspiring and motivating post. To be better in writing, we must be passionate about it, keep learning, avid reading, extensive researching, prolific writing, writing well and finishing it and ultimately getting a powerful platform.
    Thanks to the writer and our coach.
    I’m learning………………

  2. good thinking and advice…

  3. Pls i want you to clarify me on the competition. Can i write in topics and sub topic in the easy. And include the reference a
    @ the end of the easy? Does it form word count?

  4. Wow! what an eye opener, so inspiring, it really takes courage to hold pen and write and takes discernment too keep writing all the time, but the best of it all lies in a meaningful direction, as writing is important having a platform is critical, reading, writing, researching and finishing all ideas you already started and share them through a platform is like letting your own light shine and giving others the permission to do the same. thanks for the wonderful post.

  5. favour irikefe says:

    overwhelmed. impressed. encouraged. thank you for such delightful and inspiring post.

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