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How to Set Up a Blog or Website on WordPress in 30 Minutes

How to Set Up a Blog or Website on WordPress in 30 Minutes

Ever wished you knew how to set up a blog or website of your own, quickly and without breaking the bank? I mean a real self-hosted blog or website like “” and NOT a “” or “” stuff?

Well, here’s your chance.

UPDATED May 1, 2015: Over 300 people (and most of them had no prior website design knowledge) have used this simple tutorial to set up a blog or website. So this tutorial would guide you step by step even if you have no previous blog or website setup knowledge.

Set up a blog or website

Today, I’ll show you step by step with screen shots, how to set up your own blog or writer’s website on a self-hosted WordPress in just 30 minutes or less. You don’t need any knowledge of coding or graphics design.

I’ll also show you how to lawfully get 2 amazing bonuses by using the services I recommend:

1. A domain name worth N3,000 ($15).

2. A copy of my book, SBS, worth N7,400 ($37).

This is the guide I wish someone had given me 3 years ago when I started blogging. I had to learn it myself by trying and making a lot of mistakes and wasting a lot of time and money. But you can avoid all the failures and frustrations I tasted.

Benjamin Franklin said: “Experience is a hard master, but fools will have no other.” So don’t be a fool. I’ll tell you what works, so you can forget everything else.

First, let me briefly answer some questions you may have on your mind.

Why do you need a blog or writer’s website?

You know writers are of two types: those who have a platform to build and keep their audience; and those who do not.

Platform is the reason Stephen King, John Grisham, Chimamanda Adichie and Linda Ikeji are household names. It’s the same reason some (probably) better writers are unknown … and they may die so.

If you have an idea to spread, or a product to sell, then you must do so through a platform. It’s easier than ever to use your words to make a difference.

Plus, a platform can help you:

  • Sell your products and services
  • Land more clients
  • Publish your books
  • Land speaking engagements, etc.

Blogspot or or self-hosted WordPress?

Blogspot and are free. Using either of them is like managing on a friend’s land: there’re strict rules to live by, and there’re some nice things you may not do.

You can’t use custom emails (e.g., “”), plugins and premium themes. You can’t place adverts or do affiliate marketing. You’re really not in control.

Your blog can be deleted at anytime if you violate their rules or their system mistakes your blog for a spam. For instance,, a nice Blogspot site of over 3 years, was deleted “in error” in October 2013. It was restored after a month – and the owner lost a lot of revenue as a result. He was even lucky, because some blogs get deleted “in error” and never get restored.

In October 2014, the blogspot site of Linda Ikeji (the foremost Nigerian blogger) was also deleted because some folks accused her of copyrights violation.

It was later restored after confirmation that the allegations were untrue. But isn’t is bad enough that the blog was deleted BEFORE ascertaining the veracity of the accusation?

If you only want to write once a month and you’re contented with average, “” or “” can serve you right.

So if you build your house on a rented land, and one day your friend wakes up and decides he no longer likes your face … and kicks your butt off his land, you’ll not have to cry, since your site is average anyway.

But you can invest a little and be your own boss. With a self hosted WordPress blog or website, you’ll have your own domain name (e.g., “”), your hosting account and simply install the WordPress software on the domain.

That’s freedom. That’s independence. Think of anything lawful online, you can do it with a self-hosted WordPress.

Difference between a blog and a website

Some people think what makes a blog is having “”or “” ending the URL. So they would say “” is a website while “” or “” is a blog.


The truth is, a blog can be hosted (i.e. “”) or self-hosted (i.e. “”). Also, a website can be hosted (i.e. “”) or self-hosted (i.e. “”).

The REAL difference between a blog and a website is this: a blog is updated frequently and the posts are structured in reverse chronological order so that the most recent posts appear first on the homepage.

On the other hand, a website has largely static content on the homepage and it is not frequently updated with new content.

Resources needed to set up your blog or website

In setting up a blog or website, you need:

  • A hosting account (you’ll need a Mastercard, not a Verve card, to buy this. Your Mastercard ATM card from GTB, Zenith Bank, UBA or other banks can help here).
  • A domain name (I’ll show you how to get one for FREE below).

The recommended web hosts

Below are the web hosting companies I currently recommend. You should go with one of them, preferably the first on the list.

Please note that because of the swift pace at which technology evolves, I constantly review my recommended web hosting companies to make sure I recommend only those that I believe currently offer amazing service.

#1 How To Start A Blog Online Guide

How To Start A Blog Online is a dedicated tutorial that provides actionable advice on quality, yet affordable web hosting solutions. Click here for the How To Start A Blog Online Guide.

 — OR —

#2 Host: SiteGround

Good service and 24/7 customer service. The current fee is between N10,000 and N20,000. Click here to continue…

A special gift from me

SBSWhen you sign up on one of the above hosts using my tutorial, I’ll reward you with my compact ebook, SBS (How To Setup, Beautify & Secure Your Blog/Website). It’s value is $37 (N7,400), but I’ll give you absolutely free – because you’re smart enough to jump at a great offer when you saw one.

In the book, I explained with an abundance of illustrative screenshots:

  • The 4 indispensable settings you should do first on your blog or website before any other
  • The 3 beautification settings to execute to give your blog or website a sizzling new look
  • The 10 security measures you should implement so you can go to bed confident your blog or website is safe from hackers, spammers and other hazards

And the best part: all the 17 settings and measures won’t cost you a penny to implement. You won’t have to buy anything at all. Here’s how it works:

Step #1: Open your blog or website today on one of the hosts above.

Step #2: Send an email to containing your (1) domain name, (2) phone number, (3) email, (4) date of registration, (5) which host you’ve used and a request to receive the book.

Step #3: I verify whether you actually register through me and then send you the book within 24 hours.

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  1. I’m just wondering why people av not been commenting. Does it mean dt pp dnt commend good initiative? For me, after reading this ‘how to do it’ , I have to give kudos to Muhamed Abdulahi Tosin. Even though I dont av the means now to launch my own website as he has put above, but I am inspired about how he writes to teach and to impact/effect people.
    Mr MAT, I say weldone!

    • Thanks brother.

      The post is still very new. First, my stats page shows that readers have been taking positive actions.

      And aside that, the comments are coming. I hope so.

      • Olaboye Olanrewaju A. says:

        The thing is we readers grt enthusiastic to try the steps and guides immediately we read……so not many of us have enough time to comment

  2. Wow wow wow! Now how do I add the Tabs like menu, options, about us, contact us, etc. I will always be grateful to your blog.

    • Tochukwu,

      That’s very easy. Those menus can be pages, categories or any link of your choice. From the back side of your site, you can create a page by hovering your mouse on “Pages” and then clicking “Add New”. Pages are added to the menus automatically.

      You can create categories under “Posts”. After creating the categories, hover your mouse on “Appearance” and click “Menus”. There, you can add the categories you earlier created as menus. There, you can also add any link within your site or to another site as a menu.

      Hope that helps!

  3. barry oz white says:

    Bro I. Appreciate your work, not many wil do this, bravo bro, wld hv love 2 knw u more… My facebook: edokpolorbarry

  4. Adeeyo Sulaiman A. says:

    Good Write-up… *Thumbs Up*

    Question 1: Is the 77% discount available for everyone or for only people who want to WordPress.

    Question 2: Can one prevent auto renewal of the registration?

    Question 3: What will be the cost of the following years after the discounted years?

    Question 4: The functionalities that were unchecked in the second step, how much do they affect the website? E.g Domain Privacy : Does it mean the iPage company won’t protect the website privacy? Or the website protection, does it mean they won’t provide basic securities against hackers or the bad guys?

    Sorry for too much questions.

    Lastly : The free Facebook advertisement, is it an AD on Facebook pages or on the website itself?

    Thank you. More grease to your elbow.

    • Hi Sulaiman,

      1. The discount is for everyone.
      2. You can disable autorenewal. Just go to iPage and use the Live Chat feature to request it.
      3. The normal renewal in subsequent years is about N16,000 per year. But mind you, you can have as many domain names (i.e. websites) on a single hosting account.
      4. The unchecked features are practically useless. Using them offers no special protection and discarding them is not harmful.
      5. The ad will be used on Facebook. You can use it to get more likes for your Facebook page or to get traffic to your site.

      Hope I’ve addressed your concerns?

  5. Well done, sir.
    Unfortunately, I’m not ready to.create a website just yet.

  6. Yes, it helped. Thanks

  7. This is really enlightening,I look forward to when I’ll be serious with my writings.Well done ,you are inspiring.

  8. Wow, really insightful….. I admin and attempted hosting with hostgator only to get turned down with no refund of my money mind you.and have bin searching for a suitable alternative that wouldn’t set me back too much financially… Pls, do they accept Visa Cards?

  9. bro. Tx a million.
    I used to write, but it is tertiary on my schedule now. I have a poem and an unfinished book published on (I believe you’ve seen that site.)
    Do you think Wattpad can really offer a good ‘alternative’ platform to hosting a website for my writings?

    Secondly, my priority now is to promote my work now(I’m an Architect.) via the social media. Will wordpress be a reasonable option?

    I already hav a facebook page(Concept Archthink Limited) I use for my work but right now, I’m short of ideas how to use it effectively. Mind helping out?

    Mr Abdul, sorry for the trouble, but would be glad if you oblige and give me your honest responses/advice. Tx.

    • Hi,

      Wattpad is also a free blogging platform and it comes with most of the limitations all free platforms share.

      I think a self-hosted WordPress will suit your need for professionalism and ease of doing business. For your Facebook page, it should be a means to an end: you need to use it to promote and drive traffic to your website. Then the website should convert the visitors to subscribers, customers, readers, etc.

  10. I’m nonpaused with this work. All i looked forward to is to attain a practical seminar on this. Don’t know whether you can help?

  11. Ok drop your email for me

  12. Oluwapereyi says:

    I’ll need to create á facebook page and á twitter account that compliments my domain name,pre or post website creation right?

  13. Ibraheem Alimi says:

    Mr. Abdul am impressd wit d way u a drawin youth attentn towards becomin goodwriters may Allah rewardz in a greatway.Amin

  14. Tosin,
    Like you have pointed out, I am presently ‘renting’ a space (blog) on the platform and i would very much like to change to the platform.

    1. Does iPage offer me this option?

    2. You didn’t explain how to obtain the email from the ipage platform Or is there an extra charge for that?

    PS: I may not meet your deadline but i sure will create my own blog before February.

    • Olamide, great to know you’re ready to make that vital move.

      Transferring your blog from to a self hosted WordPress on iPage is easy. After you’ve completed steps 1 and 2 in this this tutorial, just go to your old blog’s dashboard and use the “Export” feature under “Tools” to download all your contents (posts, pages, comments, images, etc.). Then go to the same location on the dashboard of your self hosted blog and use the “Import” option.

      After that, go to “Permalinks” under “Settings” and choose “Post name”. That’s all.

      Setting a custom email in iPage is free of charge.
      1. Go to iPage and log into your account.
      2. Locate “Email” and click “MailCentral”
      3. Click the “+” button and then enter your desired email, password and set whether your messages should be forwarded to another email you have or not.
      There you are!

  15. I got a domain name ( and hosted for a year using ipage 2day cos d new year discount was just too good to pass up…. Howeva, I’ve bin unable to install wordpress cos i keep getting a response which I screen grabbed and enclosed as an attachment to a mail I sent u hours ago….. Currently @ my wits end and scared that I could be charged d normal rate of 113 USD if I am unable to perform everything listed in dis post b4 5pm 2moro. Pls need ur guidance

    • Hi Albert,

      My apologies that I could not reply your email immediately.

      Congrats on your domain purchase 🙂

      I understand the challenge you encountered. What went wrong is that the domain is not properly pointed to iPage server. It’s a problem that happens once in 100 cases.

      Just use the live chat feature on iPage and tell their agent to help you correctly point the domain name servers to iPage servers.

      After it is rectified, you’ll be told to wait for 24/48 hours for the change to reflect. But in practice, after about 6 hours, it would have taken effect and you should not have any challenge again installing WordPress.

      Please let me know what result you get after doing that.

      By the way, the deadline CANNOT affect you again. Once you’ve paid in step 1, you’re past the trap of the deadline. So there’s no cause for alarm 😉

  16. 1 in 100 cases….. Although I revel in being an exception to rules, it kinda sucks in this case (blame it on my sour luck with web hosting). Will do as directed and will keep u posted…. Thanks a mil.

  17. Another awesome opportunity. I hope many will take advantage of it. Great job Coach.

  18. pls coach im doing it presently. but using anoda system hope it won have negative effect. and i used my school zip code

  19. there is error in transaction saying exceed withdrawal limit

  20. another p.c

  21. im in a cafe.

  22. Hi. I just saw this. I’d like to be a part of this because I participated in the previous and wasn’t selected. Can there be an opprtunity for one more. Please.

  23. wow this is amazing. good job. youreally made it easy for me, phew!

  24. Thanks for this piece once again coach. I appreciate your knack of always making things a little bit easier than they were. Honestly, presently I’ve not got the means to start up and maintain a self-hosted website. I’ve a blog presently, please may I ask: would my archives and previous posts still be retained when I eventually change it to a site?

    • Sure you can easily import your site with all the pages, posts, categories, comments and media. Naija Writers’ Coach was on before I became self-hosted.

      However, when you move eventually, you’ll lose some things like Page Rank, incoming links, etc.

      So it’s best to be self-hosted from day 1.

  25. Abimbola A. Olusola says:

    This piece is excellently fascinating and I sincerely commend this initiave that serves as a driving force towards having a site of my own! Meanwhile,
    1. What happens to one’s website when the autorenewal facility is disabled?
    2. Does the bonanza of N3200 covers just a year or the next two years?
    3. My ATM card bears both Mastercard as well as Verve logos on it, can this work for the purpose? Pls make your response snappy!
    Sincere regards.

    • Thanks, Abimbola!

      1. You do NOT need to disable the autorenewal. Even if you used a friend’s Mastercard to open it, you can simply later replace the card with yours without disabling the autorenewal. But if we assume you actually end up disabling it, you’ll receive reminders from iPage to enable it and provide a valid payment method when your plan is close to expiry.

      2. The bonanza covers just the first year.

      3. The card should work fine if it bears the Mastercard logo.

  26. Is this mode of payment safe? Can I pay this money and be guaranteed? A friend was complaining that the customer care and sales support are the same. We are just being careful so that there will be no issues with MasterCard.

  27. Yes! It's very safe. I've used it myself and for others more times than I can remember and there has never been any issue. Some of the commenters here too have used it.

  28. Hi. I am having issues with #2 installing wordpress. I cannot see the ‘advanced’ option it is directing me to mojomarketplace and I cannot see the ‘install’ button. But I see ‘import existing installation’. How do I get to the one you diplsayed on this page?

    • Yes you’re right Anosime!

      The interface of step #2 has changed as I realized too few days ago when I helped a friend set up his website. The process now uses mojomarketplace But yet, it’s still self explanatory and easy to follow.

      I’ll update the tutorial tomorrow God willing. Please let me know if you have any other concern.

  29. Weldon,sir.

  30. Which programing language is that?

  31. This is truly a lifesaver. it came just when I thought about getting serious about it all. you the man Abdul. Cheers!

  32. thanks so much bro, you are the man.

  33. Thanks for this priceless info all for free. One question: I already have a blogspot account. After setting up my domain on ipage, can I transfer my blogspot to my new domain?

  34. One more question. I have a visa card, can I make payment with it?

  35. A million thanks again.

  36. I couldn’t make payment. It returned an error message. Still on Step 2 but I would like to continue tomorrow, however there’s no provision to save and log out at this stage. Any clue on what to do or will have to start all over again tomorrow?


  38. Hello…
    I set my self-hosted blog finally yesterday, but unfortunately, even after receiving my receipt of payment, my money was again taken from my account, meaning double payment… I don’t know what to do now…

    • Hi Afrah, that’s not impossible at all. The truth is that, when you make an international transaction on your Naira MasterCard, Nigerian banks alert you as if double the actual amount you paid has been deducted.

      Just check your account balance and you’ll see you weren’t billed twice.

  39. Hi, thanks 4 this great opportunity and info. I’ve done it successfully and even published my first blog, however when i go to view post, it tells me the site is being developed. What shud i do. Can i google my site.

  40. pls mr muhammed abdulahi tosin can i have your mobile number,or u email me 08067933750. expecting from you soon

  41. PaulSure says:

    Thanks for this post, Mr Tosin. I’d love to know if this promo is still available. Also, I don’t have a mastercard, I only have a GTbank visa card: can it work? If not, how do I get a mastercard and how much and how long would it cost me?

    • My pleasure, Paul.

      Sure, the promo is still on. The Visa Card won’t work. You can;
      1. Apply for a GTB MasterCard which you’ll get within a week for about N1,000 (I think); OR
      2. Use a friend’s MasterCard.

      • PaulSURE says:

        please, i”d love to know if i can host joomla websites on iPage or is it for wordpress only. Also, i would love to know if i can host 2 domain name on an hosting plan.

  42. Sir, I just downloaded your FREE eBook now. THANKS so much sir! I will get back to you if I have question sir. THANKS once again!

  43. prince onyeka says:

    Tosi I appreciate will continue tomorrow after I must ve got my mstr card cos I use visa but will still need ur assistance when its tym.

    Best rgrds.

  44. I have searched and I have found YOU!The world will soon be in ‘TROUBLE’.God bless the day I saw your advert on FACEBOOK.You have woken the writer in me.Fortunately for me,my well of inspiration never runs dry.Thank you for inspiring me through YOUR RIGHT TO WRITE.I look forward to me.My website is on the way.Thank you.*bear hug*

  45. prince onyeka says:

    tosin thanks for the right to write i ve downloaded it and very soon wen my master card is ready i will bounce in to my web and also consult u.

  46. prince onyeka says:

    hi Tosin let me ask again the 7,200Ngn is it per month or for the two years?

  47. I want to thank you so much for the financial aid you sent to my gtbank…this guys is for real,dough content here on your page are far important than the aid but i appreciate. I should get mine one tmr lordwilling but can my blogspot site content be exported and imported as well too? Thanks my couch!

  48. Hello! Mr. Abdullahi please am having serious problem in setting up my website coz after I install wordpress on the site, i think that the next things is for me to be able to view my website on a browser, but if i view what is writing is that the site is under construction, if there’s any other thing that I will need to add up to my website to make it a complete one , pls reply me back so dat i can do dat asap……

    base on the live chat fom ipage am only seeing there message there is no space for me to type my ow message. pls help me on dat also

  49. I’m unable to locate “Facebook Ad coupon” on my dashboard. Kindly assist!

  50. pls I wnt 2 find out d cost of d hosting plan after the first two years?


  52. nice job tosin

  53. Hello Coach, I set up my site since 1am, published my first writeup, but till now I still get this “site under development” message each time I try to view my site. Help please.

  54. Hello Mat, you have said lots of good things about ipage that i intend to act. is it possible for me to collect back my money from my present host which is webhosting hub since they have money back gauranttee to begin afresh with i page? i stareted blogging only three months ago and did not know as much as i know now especially from you.

    the things is there are very expensive compared to what ipage is offering. is ipage still running any promo plan like the ones you mention above?
    needs your oppinion seriously

    • Angela, moving to iPage is a wise decision. Their promo is still on. So, jump in while you can.

      If your host offers a pro rata refund, they would give you part of your money. Otherwise, they might not. It’s best to ask their customer support.

  55. Mr Abdul, you are a blessing to your generation.Am working on a social cultural project, l intend to use Joomla to build the site for dynamic content management. Am a big fan of your style of writing, its simplicity , subtle stitches and perfect delivery. Would appreciate it if you will agree to be my coach and editor until l find my foot.Please keep up the good work!

  56. First Thanks to Mr Tosin for a nice tut on how to start a blog. There are other important things you should know before you start a blog.

    Personally, I always ask any wanna be blogger this simple question. Are you writing as a passion or for the love of money? This simple question will determine how successful you will become as a blogger.

    Don’t just setup a blog without knowing why you want to blog. Also I have an article on my blog that where I share real tips to become a pro blogger

  57. Hello Mat…I just want to say thanks for everything. For the financial support, for the guide, for the advice and steady assistance. You sir are one of a kind.
    My website is now live… all Thanks to you.

  58. My eyes tried convincing me that he wouldn’t but my heart said he will. And so he did it. Now,my eye’s convinced. *Heart Smiling*
    Muhammed Abdullahi Tosin is giving back to the society… Thanks a bunch buddy.

  59. Thanks for the info Tosin, but you should have tell them publicly in ur post that the ipage offer is an affiliate link, (so far people need it, they will surely go for it). Am only saying this cos I have to and I respect you so much. Pls do spell it out in a later post and you can even go as far as explaining the concept to them. (It pays to be transparent to your reader sometimes because it takes u a long way). Pls don’t misunderstand me as I mean no harm. Thanks once again for the info.

    • Sage, thanks for that fair comment, which I love. If you read the post, you’ll surely see where I stated as follows:

      In this free tutorial, I share my iPage affiliate link and when you make any purchase through the link, I get a little commission (at no extra cost to you) to buy coffee. But this didn’t influence my recommendation, because all hosting services have similar programs. I recommend iPage because I have personal experiences with them and honestly believe they offer amazing quality.

      That disclosure has always been there since December 6, 2013 when I first published the tutorial. Have a nice day.

  60. manasseh says:

    well since the promo ends tomorrow and no money now till month end, please whenever their’s another promo do let me know.

  61. Abdulkadir Adamu says:

    My Coach, I really interested in
    having my website today. However, I don’t have a MasterCard but verve. So, I would like you to help on this. Thank you.

  62. onwuchekwa okorie says:

    Hi Mr. Tosin,
    I’m grateful for the opportunity to connect with you and share in your wealth of knowledge on writing and blogging. I’m particularly impressed by a copy of the free book you sent to me and the great inspiration I’ve drawn from it. Thank you so much.

  63. Hello Coach, I set up my site since 12:00am, published my first writeup, but till now I still get this “site under development” message each time I try to view my site.

    Help me out please!

  64. please is it still gonna be available in like two weeks time? got no cash now.

  65. I’m a web designer contact me here !!!!

  66. This is cool stuff, you are doing.great and I hope to learn even more from you. my regards

  67. Thanks for every contribution you have made to build proficient writers and help them build an enterprise.


  68. David Towoju says:

    Hi Abdullahi, Nice work!!!

  69. Please i can’t see any steps to follow in this post. @writer please help out

  70. This is beginning to sound funny. It was the same praises u gave for ipage. I think it’s just common with affiliates marketers. I still appreciate ur effort. I actually referred someone to ipage.

    • So if iPage gave me high quality and I praised it, should I still praise it when the quality has deteriorated, simply because I want to make money by promoting it?

    • Well, guess d same praises suit the new host. You’d have done same 😉

      Guess I’ll just wait till I’m tired of iPage. Any hosting company can face those challenges anytime. And no business run by sane people wouldn’t fix issues like this. 2 years is a looooong time to throw away now!

      • Oludami, that’s exactly my chagrin with them. They definitely should have fixed those issues but they’ve not been listening. I loved them and wish they did.

        And by the way, you can get a pro-rata refund if you leave them. So you aren’t throwing anything away. 🙂

        • Oh, yeah, that’s true. But I’m sure you remember all we went through (and the stuff I lost) when we moved to iPage. Scares the hell outta me to even rethink it.

          • SiteGround has a free migration service. You should remember iPage wanted to charge us $100 for it then. SiteGround helps you do it for free. So moving to SiteGround is super easy, but you probably don’t need it if iPage still serves you right.

  71. “… I mean a real website,
    not a “mediocre.wordpress” or “mediocre.blogspot” stuff?” Ouch. Why do you keep calling Blogger mediocre? 😐

  72. Well done coach, I wish you best luck on this good choice. But I have some things that are personal to discuss with you. Please check your email.

  73. Hy Tosin,
    Having experienced these flaws too, I think I would probably move with you. I couldn’t log into my dashboard for days, even after complaining to their agents and this really drived me crazy because I couldn’t update my blog.
    However, will Ipage give a full refund?

    • Hi Emmanuel,

      If you’re within 30 days of opening your account, iPage will give you a full refund. However, if 30 days have elapsed since you open your account with them, iPage will give you a sum equal to the term of your hosting package you’re yet to use.

      To do so:
      1. Open a site with SiteGround.
      2. Use SiteGround’s free website migration service.
      3. After that, ascertain the Mastercard you used to open your iPage account to make sure it’s yours or that of someone you can get your money from, when the refund is made.
      4. Then use iPage “live chat” to request that they should cancel your account and refund your money. They’ll try to persuade you not to cancel. Just insist they should cancel it and stop asking you questions.
      5. They’ll delete your account and grant you a proportion of your paid fee equal to the period you’re yet to use. The money will reflect in your MasterCard in 3-5 days.

  74. Hi Tosin,

    Thank you very the very educative piece. I would like to know if it’s possible to migrate my blog which is currently hosted by Blogger (not WordPess) when I create my own website on SiteGround. Your prompt response will be highly appreciated. Thanks.


  75. Well done sir,
    pls is d hosting plan unlimited?

    • Wisdom, I used to believe unlimited disc space and bandwidth existed. Until recently. Just Google it. All hosting companies that claim to offer unlimited bandwidth and disc space are bloody liars. There are ALWAYS limits.

      But I use the lowest plan of SiteGround myself and I’ve never had any issue. So it should be sufficient for most bloggers.

  76. Also the wordpress logo, is it disabled on your site

  77. Adesokan Abdurasaq says:

    Its been a great joy for me in following your works all this while, I’m so much inspired and i wish to have my own self host site soon, though, i have two blog sites that I’m currently using ( and mConnekt.blogspot), just that the financial aspect of setting up is the issue now. I became inspired the day i set my eyes on you @ our program in lautech (i1Legacy), i ws so moved by your words on that day. I pray Allah continue to bless you. Ameen.

  78. Hey, Tosin
    Thanks a lot for this. I’I run a mediocre for now… View here
    And I would like to write about you. How do I get to converse with you? There’s is a lot I’ll love to learn from you… Thanks…

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    thank you.
    God bless you.

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    Your write up is very educative. Infact, I always impress with the knowledge you are impacting on people.
    More blessing.

  82. Zionplus says:

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  83. Kingsley says:

    Dear Mr Abdullahi,

    Thanks for bringing up this idea. Pleasing I want the followings to be cleared before I create my own site:

    a. Can videos and audios be uploaded on this kind of site?

    b. Does it have the tools to do a photo transition on the index page or any of the pages?

    c. How many domain names can I register in one signup account and how many customized emails can I open?

    d. How much is the annual renewal payment?

    God bless.

    • Hello Kingsley,

      Yes, you can post videos and audios. You can also do a photo transition.

      The number of domains allowed on a single hosting account depends on the particular host. I recommend a number of hosts as shown in the body of this post. Click the link to see the details of each and you’ll see how many domains a hosting account can take.

      The annual renewal varies from host to host. Click the above links for each of my recommended hosts to see how much they charge for renewal.


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    1.which web host do you recommend?
    2.Is the payment for the hosting and domain name same?
    3.If not,how do i pay for each?
    4.If for instance i use siteground,does it mean i have self hosted on word press when i install wordpress.Thanks.Please help.

    • Hello Paul!

      Use Midphase. That’s my number one as of TODAY.

      Once you pay for hosting, you get a domain name for free.

      You can pay for it with your ATM Mastercard.

      Yes, you have a self-hosted WordPress once you install WordPress on your hosting account.

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    A. K Nazifi

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  93. Hello, Tosin. Wonderful one there. But through your tutorial last year, I signed up with SiteGround, which is yet to expire, I still have up till October. Is it possible to transfer my site from SiteGround to Midphase or I will have to start all over again? Thanks.

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  96. Abdul, please Web Host Hub debited my account but I didn’t receive any confirmation mail from them. Now, I don’t want to continue with them and would want a refund. I have mailed them but nothing seems to work. I am not happy about this. Not blog, no money!

  97. Hello Abdullahi,
    You’re constantly changing your recommended web hosts. How then do we know which one to stick to? I started by joining iPage through your recommendation, now they seem to be doing some suspicious stuff and I’m about leaving them. I remember you wrote about why you stopped recommending them.

    I was about signing up for another web host now when I felt I should check this article, since I remembered seeing some new hosts there such as Arxive. But upon getting here, I discover that this option, which here only a few days ago, is also gone! That doesn’t bode well for reliability and trust. Michael Hyatt for instance has been recommending a particular host all along. Syed of Wpbeginner has also been consistent about his recommendations. You’re my go-to guy in this regard but now I don’t know if I’ve got your word on it… Don’t want to sign up today and then next month, you say the recommendation is no longer good.

    • Technology evolves everyday and what’s good today can go crappy tomorrow. Where is Nokia today? Was it not once the ‘king’ of phones?

      So it’s not a problem with Abdullahi, it’s not even a problem at all. It’s a question of technology evolving everyday. I know and can tell you what’s good today, not tomorrow 🙂

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    Thanks boss. I’m always grateful.

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