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If You Use These Sleazy Marketing Tactics, Stop It Immediately

If You Use These Sleazy Marketing Tactics, Stop It Immediately

In today’s world, if you have anything worthwhile (and who does not?), the best thing you can do is to spread it. Whether it’s an idea, a product, a service or whatnot, it will make more impact, reach more people and bring you more reward if you market it.

Whether you’re a writer, an artist, a blogger or an entrepreneur, marketing is indispensable for you.

But the problem is many people do it very wrongly. And this is indeed a big problem… one that makes sure the marketer earns people’s displeasure, loses readers’ trust and leaves a lot of potential revenue on the table.

If you do any of them, don’t worry. It’s easy to stop them, and henceforth use ethical, more effective marketing strategies, if you learn about them and why they’re bad.

sleazy marketing tactics

Photo Credit: KadKarlis via Compfight cc

1. Sending spammy Twitter DM

If you’re on Twitter, you probably are familiar with this Twitter direct message (DM). It goes like:

I’M USING THIS SITE. CIick >> … 545 new foIIowers

And it turns out the sender has lesser than 250 followers. How then does he hope to give what he doesn’t have.

2. Advertising on sponsored Facebook posts

This one gets me really, really pissed off. I place an advert on Facebook and some trolls come to post comments to advertise silly things like “Sugar mummy,” “MTN cheat,” “Custom-impounded car auction,” “Illuminati,” etc. all promising people cheap monetary gains. If you check Facebook posts by popular e-commerce stores like Jumia and Konga too, you’ll see many of these spammy comments on them.

If it works so well, the posters should be rich themselves and therefore able to afford Facebook advert rather than trying to steal traffic from others’ sponsored posts.

3. Using a false signature

I see this often on fora like Warrior Forum and Nairaland. Such fora allow users to have a profile signature which appears below all their forum posts and comments.

What some sleazy bloggers do is to make a claim such as “Click here to find out how I make N200,000 every month” in their signature. Then, one day, they go ahead to make a post such as “I’m really frustrated with my blog. I’ve tried every systems but haven’t made any money. Please help.”

4. Using email auto response

I get this many times when I send out my newsletter. Some people lose their minds and set their email client to send an auto reply (each time they receive a message) which goes like:

Dear friend, Hope everything is fine to you. Recently I found a nice website It mainly sells electric products. All of their products are original and the price is very low. Wish you can like it.

That’s spam. It never worked, and never will.

5. Making false readership claims

Another wrong marketing tactic some bloggers do is to make false claims about the popularity or profitability of their blogs. You know this when you see a blogger with a call to action like “enter your email to subscribe to my newsletter and join thousands of subscribers” and none of his last 10 posts has a single comment.

Whether the false claim is about newsletter subscribers, daily page views, monthly revenue or search engine traffic, it’s easy to detect. And that’s a great way to lose readers’ trust.

6. Using photoshoppped images

Many bloggers, especially in Nigeria, do this to deceive readers that they make money and get those people to buy their coaching programmes, seminars or ebooks.

I was shocked recently when I asked a blogger who sells an ebook on “how to make 150k monthly” how much he makes monthly and he said he makes less than N5,000. I asked him how he got the screenshots he’s brandishing on his sales page as proofs of revenue and he shocked me even further:

It’s Photoshop. That’s what everybody is doing now!

I told him he must have known only sleazy marketers if he believed that’s what everyone does, for I have never done it. In fact, what I do is to under-promise and over-deliver to my students. I do promise that my online course, Pen Money Masterclass, will help them make at least N100,000 monthly when in fact the same system currently makes me over N500,000 monthly. That way, no one ends up being disappointed.

7. Commenting with a spammy CTA

Here, a blogger comments on another blog and instead of using his real name, he uses a spammy call to action (CTA) like “Click here to find out how I make N200,000 month from sports betting.”

First, such spams kill genuine conversations on the host blog. Second, if truly he makes N200,000 monthly as he claims, why isn’t he able to afford Facebook or Addynamo advert?

Where do you stand?

If you use any of these sleazing marketing tactics, please stop. Right now. They make you come off as stupid, earn people’s annoyance and lose readers’ trust.

Instead, start using ethical marketing tactics which are built on three cardinal pillars: a fast, reliable website; permission-based email marketing, and readers’ trust.

By the way, my online course, Pen Money Masterclass, launches on Monday, 18th August, 2014. If you want to learn how to make real money from your writing and blog using ethical and lawful marketing practices, you’ll not want to miss it.

Question: Which other sleazy marketing practices do you see people use? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  1. The other tactic I equally hate is tagging and posting on people’s walls. It’s so annoying like mosquitoes in the night.

  2. Oh my God! How well you understand what poor me goes through whenever I read the spammy mails.

    Sometimes I even beg that the sender stops the messages which rarely happens.

    Well, the issue is, consumer satisfaction has been thrown to the wilderness and readiness to work has got no room in many people’s life

    That’s all; their stress.

  3. Abubakar says:

    The early these desperate Nigerian” scammers” stop these unethical practices the better for the country. In the West and in other sane societies, when the issue of internet fraud came up, what readily comes to their minds is Nigeria. I don’t blame them, really. Our people are to be blamed. During my undergraduate days, my friend became a victim of these notorious Nigerians. There was a time when he was reading an online Nigerian newspaper, a fake marketing advert,”learn how to make 200,000.00 monthly…” was posted on bottom part of the paper, he hurriedly subscribed. After getting some lessons and e-books, he was charged 10k.The lessons and e-books given him were but theoretical in nature-no practical tips they offered. He regretted for his action and took responsibility .Again; there was another ”scammer” I personally encountered. (She) sent me an e-mail .That she was a refugee came to Nigeria and stayed with a pastor. She lied that her dad and mum were killed in her country .she was the only child of her late parents’. They left million dollars and she was afraid that her uncles might take her entire inheritances. She wanted the bank that kept her deceased dad’s wealth to transfer it to a bank in Nigeria but the problem she was still young. This makes it impossible. She came across my profile and found that I was a good person. If I was interested in becoming her friend, I should contact her through her e-mail (which she provided).I ignored her message after reading it. No sane person would believe this outdated trick, I believe.

  4. Young Anyanwu says:

    This is SuperB and an eye opener. I use none of them wonderfully, I simply run my page and Group on Facebook and they are doing well. I am yet to launch my Blog or Website, because I haven’t gathered all the necessary information I need yet.

    You rock Sire!

  5. that was funny but very true, thank you for calling it out. i am a blogger with a descent number of readers sometimes but barely get any comments and i don’t really understand how i can make it work. need your advice and if possible a personal conversation. thank you.

    • A number of reasons could be responsible for that. Maybe it’s difficult to leave a comment on your site. Maybe you don’t encourage comments. Maybe you don’t respond to comments. Maybe you don’t network with other bloggers.

      However, if you’re sure you aren’t doing anything wrong, then be patient.The comments will come over time.

      • i have gotten complains with relation to the ease of commenting but apparently it is almost impossible to comment without having a g-mail for other interactions i will make an effort to do that more often.thank you for your response.

  6. just reading through this and it has taught me a lot. i definitely have seen a lot of these spam emails and they are as frustrating as can be, because they waste your time trying to get to the actual thing, which is very disturbing why people cannot just think of things themselves and go out to take action. Life favors the bold, or so i have been told, but it works

  7. Your tips are great. And sure I have come across those using this strategies. Especially what Abubakar said above, on facebook and even on WhatsApp.

    But the thing is – not all, that Nigerians are responsible for but for the fact that we already have the prints, we keep taking the blame.

    You need to see what Nigerian students this days, that aught to think straight even if those not as privileged doesn’t. Have in mind before buying a laptop. They buy laptops for the soul purpose of doing “G”. That is yahoo yahoo.

    Thanks for the tips it was wonderful going through them.

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