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The “Smartcuts” To Writing A Topnotch Blog Post Always

The “Smartcuts” To Writing A Topnotch Blog Post Always

Abdullahi’s Note: This is a guest post by my friend, Muhiz Ogunwomoju (MOAB), a writer who breaks his silence with his pen and helps other people break theirs, too, for the purpose of creating change. He blogs at Thoughts By Pen and tweets from @moabsophy

There’s this excitement all over you when you started blogging.

You were really happy that your ideas were published online. This is a good feeling. You rushed to tell your mom, siblings, and friends that you’re now a blogger, that your ideas don’t live inside your head anymore but on the web.

Now, months have passed and this excitement of blogging is wearing out with frustration. It seems no one cares about you, no one knows if your blog exists or not. To add injury to your frustration, you’re even short of ideas on what to write since no one is reading your blog.

And the thought of quitting sneaks in. You even thought that the whole world is conspiring against you and all your ideas are locked somewhere in the space. Truth be told, you’re not alone. I’ve been there before.

But wait…

Before you throw in the towel, I have good news for you. I have the shortcuts “smartcuts” to writing a topnotch blog post always. Sorry, I can’t deal with shortcuts because shortcuts lead to places that suck. As you all know that Naija Writers’ Coach provides writing tips for smart writers and if you’re reading this post, then you’re smart because you’ll learn new tips and become smarter.

The “Smartcuts” To Writing A Topnotch Blog Post Always

Photo Credit: FutUndBeidl via Compfight cc

What do I mean by “smartcuts?” “Smartcuts” is a smart way of getting things done easily to achieve continuous success. Unlike shortcuts, “smartcuts” lead to awesome places. Every smart blogger I know use the “smartcuts” and they work every time.

Want to know the “smartcuts” to writing a topnotch blog post always? These are what you need to do:

1. Read

It’s no longer news that writers are readers, but I’ve to emphasize that you’ve to read more than you write. Read books and blogs a lot. As a blogger you’ve to subscribe to other blogs in your niche and others in order to consume new ideas. This will help you to widen your horizon of thoughts and also help you to study how their content is being structured.

2. Steal like an artist

“Good artists copy, great artists steal” –Pablo Picasso

Stealing ideas is one of the best “smartcuts” I’ve ever known. Hey, I’m not telling you to outright copy text. Far from it. By stealing, I mean standing on the shoulders of the Giants (your favorite writers and bloggers).

You need to study how they write, steal their memorable and persuasive paragraphs and transform it into new, better ideas. Many great artists you know are thieves and you don’t have to be shy to become one.

Picasso was right:

“Art is theft.”

If Picasso admitted it and was successful, so what’s stopping you?

Steal your way to success, dearie. It’s called being smart.

Abdullahi’s Note: Don’t confuse artistic stealing with copyrights violation and end up doing something funny. Read this piece that explains artistic stealing.

3. Save

You don’t just steal and drop it in the bin. Your case will be like a man who amassed diamonds and throw it away in the bin. What would you call that kind of man? A fool, I guess.

Don’t be that man.

You’ve to save all your stolen ideas in a swipe file. What’s a swipe file? A swipe file is a collection of materials or ideas (yours or stolen) that you can use as inspiration for your writing. There are many tools (digital and manual) for compiling your swipe file. I use the Evernote app and Moleskine journal to save all my ideas.

A good swipe file improves the effectiveness of your content. It helps you to write like a pro and wow your audience.

4. Use

It’s not enough to just read, steal, save without using it. All the above “smartcuts” would be useless if you don’t use them. All superstar bloggers use them and that’s why they’re superstars, but you’ve to be creative while using them.

Embed your personality and your worldview in your story while using these “smartcuts” and I bet you’ll see the difference.

Now, over to you: What are other “smartcuts” you know to writing a topnotch blog post? Share in the comments below.

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About Muhiz Ogunwomoju

Muhiz Ogunwomoju (MOAB) is a writer. He believes that to write is to break one’s silence and inspire lives beyond one’s border. He breaks his silence with his pen and helps other people break theirs, too, for the purpose of creating change. The best gift you can give him is a pen (and of course, a book). He blogs at ThoughtsByPen and is on Twitter @moabsophy.


  1. I quite agree with a number of your tips to operating a successful blog, Kudos. Above all, i believe writers wouldn’t be short of things to write if we (as i am one) learn to draw inspiration from even the most mundane of things…, if we learn to be detailed…, to see beyond what others see…, if we stay true to why we started writing in the first place (a pointer it must be for the right reasons)…, if we maintain a level of discipline (have a regular interval for posting your write-ups and keep up no matter what)…, if we truly care for our audience (you won’t starve someone you care about of that which they’ve come to depend on you for)….
    The list goes on but i’ll keep in check the urge to continue.
    Great job you’re doing here.

    • Thank you for expressing your views, Modupe. Yes, you’re right about showing up every day as a writer and staying true to one’s purpose. But this blog post answers the struggle of bloggers and what they need to do to become awesome. Delivering enchanting blog posts every time is not easy and one need to learn the smartcuts to become successful.

    • Modupe, your thoughts about this topic are so rich you would write a spectacular post with them in just minutes.

      Thanks for sharing!

  2. Awesome tips, thanks MOAB

  3. Thanks MOAB for these smartcuts…your article came through at the right time.

  4. Hello Muhiz,

    You certainly are a super creative fellow and your ideas are certainly super brilliant. I picked up one or two things up myself (not ‘stealing’ anyway!)

    However, the smartest way I’ve had course to experience when it comes to producing great content that resonates well with readers and agrees completely with my spirit is to write posts that solve my readers problems: problems I see in the comment section; challenges that land in my box on a daily basis.

    What do you think?

    Make the day great!


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