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This Has To STOP Right Now. Seriously.

This Has To STOP Right Now. Seriously.

Recently, someone from the blues sent me an email asking how he could make money online without working.

What! Make money online without working?

Guess what I did – I hit DELETE.

No worse question was ever asked.

Okay, maybe he was the extreme example. But most people have a wrong notion of how to make money – whether online or offline – and that, to be euphemistic, pisses me off BIG TIME.

The single most common question I get asked of recent is this:

How can I make money online?

But heck, that’s a wrong question. People who make real money never set out just to make money in the first place.

This Has To STOP Right Now. Seriously.

Photo Credit: Lotus Carroll via Compfight cc

They set out to create value… because money chases people who create great value.

Do you think I just make money online because I have a desire to, or because I’m smart? Nope!

The right question to ask

I make money because I studied and shamelessly copied what every great entrepreneur the world has seen did: creating value, and making sure it reaches a lot of people who want it.

Larry Page didn’t set out just to make money with Google. He created value, helping people get whatever information they wanted online.

Mark Zuckerberg didn’t start Facebook asking how he could make money. He started with creating value, helping people stay connected with their loved ones without breaking the bank.

Before Konga and Jumia came on board, you couldn’t buy stuff like clothes, electronics and kitchen utensils online from Nigerian sellers. They created that value, and… see how money now chases them.

When Praise George started writing mini books (he’s written over 50 now), he wasn’t chasing money. He was creating value. Money chases him today.

When I wrote my most impactful book to date, Your Right To Write, and decided to make it free, and promoted the hell out of it with my time, energy and money, you think I was out to make money?


I was out to copy what works: creating value. That’s why I created the Write Well Challenge and the Blog Now Challenge too (and watch out for more in 2015).

But most people fail to see, or choose to ignore, the cause: creating value. They instead focus on the effect: making money.

That’s like hoping to see a reaction without an action. Or hoping to have a filled stomach without eating. Or hoping to get admitted into a Nigerian university without writing the UTME.

It’s silly! Never gonna happen.

So, start asking the right questions: “How can I create value,” “What (small) problem can I solve and how?”

What next after creating value?

There would be a way to SELL something to or via the beneficiaries of the created value (I said sell because selling HAS to take place before money will exchange hands). After creating value:

  • Google and Facebook sell advert spaces via the beneficiaries of their platforms
  • Konga and Jumia sell their products to their customers
  • I sell my products and affiliate products to the beneficiaries of my platform
  • The bean cake seller on your street sell to the beneficiaries of her created value

You sell to or via those who are interested, but you have to first create value for everyone  — including your ‘non-buyers’.

That’s the right way to profit in 2014, and 2015… and beyond.

What will you do now?

Now I’ve let you in on the secret to making money. You can start living by it.

But I know… most people will ignore this advice.

They’ll say they’re not creative enough to solve problems. They’ll say they’re too busy holding an 8-6 job. They’ll say they’re too desperate to make money today and can’t create value first and wait for money to come later.

And that’s fine.

Such people make the work of creating value MUCH EASIER for the rest of us.

We can pause to think creatively today, create great value that endures and watch the money flow into our pockets months or years later. And when those people realize they also should have created great value years ago, we’d be FAR gone and it would be IMPOSSIBLE for them to catch up.

So we can keep making real money after creating value… while they keep chasing money without making any.

How I can help you

If you want a compelling way to create value and have money chasing you online after few weeks or months, do nothing. Just keep your eyes open.

On Monday, 15th December, 2014, I’m launching a brand new online training course (God willing). It’s called Affiliate Goldmine. It’s not the same as my Pen Money Masterclass.

Affiliate Goldmine is the product of 11 months of research and experimentation, and it stands unique on its own.

But first, watch your inbox this weekend for a POWERFUL revelation… something compelling I’ve NEVER shared with anyone online.

Question: How can you create value or solve problems today to make money soon? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  1. Thanks Abdullahi for your nice tips here. I have been following your posts with keen interest as such I have launched where I share legitimate business tips and money making opportunities free of charge. I have created a forum on the main site where people like you with real opportunities can post for people to benefit. I concor with you boss, create VALUE first and make MONEY in return.

  2. Creating value/Solving problems: There are differs challenges which cut across all facets of life. All these need lasting solutions. Proferring solutions lead to research, trial and error which translate to achieving results which is values creation

  3. How can I create value or contribute my quota to service to humanity through my literary works, articles and essays? I still need answers.

  4. The beauty of helping others is that we end up helping ourselves even more. That was succinct Abdullahi!

  5. Kamor Idowu says:

    This is superb, Abdullahi. It’s the right thing I need to hear. I can’t wait to see the course details. I know whatever you produce would be excellent.

  6. Awesome write-up. I just stumbled on or site last week and I’ve learnt a lot on writing and blogging. Thanks.

  7. I’m in module 3 of your Pen Money Masterclass. I’m so glad I joined on the last day of registration. The course has been of such a great value I feel guilty for paying just N10,000.

    I haven’t started implementing though but av seen d potential. I want to join this new course too. Can I? Pls reply

  8. ogoro simon says:

    thank you sir. you are very correct, just that some time we are carried away with the pressure of today and the fear of tomorrow. i promise to go after value, getting solutions and answers to mountains

  9. Muhammed, you are absolutely correct. You are giving out the
    right stuff.

  10. infact,,you have really motivated me,the first time i read your aticle on ‘your right to write’,thats was when i began to write. Am going to be thinkin of wat value to create.

  11. This is a superb and interesting advice

  12. Thanks a million Muhammed, for the great ideas and inspirations that flow from you.

  13. “So we can keep making real money after creating value… while they keep chasing money without making any.”

    That’s absolutely cruel and true at the same time. Can’t stop laughing. “He who does not know where his mates are making it will run till his death” — Yoruba adage.

  14. It’s fantastic, Abdullahi, the way you weave words so much that each time I read you, it feels like you reach straight into my heart! It’s magical!

    And this, again, is a killer post – blunt yet compelling.

    The message is clear: Create values and impact on people’s lives positively, and success will chase you like kilode.

    You nailed it again, Abdullahi.

    And as for the Affiliate Goldmine, I can’t wait.

    Well done!


  15. “money chases people who create great value” This is the most inspiring piece I ve read this year. may the Almighty increase you in wisdom

  16. can’t wait

  17. Do you hold seminars and where? I would love to meet you in person and learn from you. You know your onions well.

  18. thanks!

  19. great comments. l so much like ur advise it sounds so eloquently.

  20. ogbonnaya odii says:

    you know it all. i appreciate your effort to educate the youths on how to be useful to themselves. so, keep on doing so.

  21. Hey Abdullahi.

    I’ve been following your blog since 2012 and I’ve read almost every single thing on your blog. You’re an inspiration to many young people, especially me.

    Thank you for your generosity and leadership. Nigeria needs more people like you.

  22. Funke Aderibigbe says:

    Hmmmmn! But I think it’s still possible to make money without creating value first. Footballers for example make a lot of money but I don’t think they first create any value.

    So you’re wrong.

  23. tenk bro

  24. Wow. I love this. I’ll love to join the course. I hope it will be affordable?

  25. CALEB MARKUS says:

    creating value can actually spring from either innovation or modification. the truth is everything has the room to inspire improvement or initiation. It should only meet the need of certain persons; then its already a value. But the crux is to think thoroughly first.

    Mr. Mohammed i tried sending you a mail about a book i’ve written awaiting editing and publishing but couldn’t succeed. I really need your help to editing effect.
    please reply

  26. Good day coach, the only way to make money is to know whst the people need and giving them

  27. DAHIRU MAKAMA says:

    Anything in this world have its either negative. It depents in which perspective one view it
    Even in passing out stole there is a create value in it otherwise try to hold it on.

  28. This is truly an inspiring article. Creating value is always the right place to start. That help you create enough capacity for greatness.

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