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Why I’m Stopping Essay Contest Postings On Naija Writers Coach

Why I’m Stopping Essay Contest Postings On Naija Writers Coach

UPDATE: To honour the wish of the many well-meaning readers who voted that essay contest postings should continue, I’ve reversed this decision.

When the idea of stopping the postings of essay contests on Naija Writers’ Coach first struck me several weeks ago, I quickly discarded it as a terribly bad contemplation.

That’s heresy and there’s no way it would ever happen. After all, that’s what the blog started out with.

But after some weeks of introspection, analysis of important blog growth metrics, and finally, readers’ feedback, below are the three reasons that led me to the difficult decision of letting go of essay contest postings – for good.

Stopping Essay Contest Postings

Photo Credit: Ulf Bodin via Compfight cc

They produce the lowest user engagement

The power of an online platform rests on the sheer number of its users and their level of trust of and excitement about the platform.

Compared to tips and resources on writing, blogging, publishing and making money from writing and blogging which this platform also provides, essay contest postings generate far the lowest number of comments, social media shares, page views and time on page – all metrics of how engaged the users are with the content.

This wasn’t the case at the onset. In fact, essay contest postings used to be the most popular type of content when this blog started.

But after 22 months of serving the Nigerian writing community and growing from 0 to over 8,000 subscribers, the composition and preferences of Naija Writers’ Coach readers have relegated essay contest postings, compared to other types of contents, to the background.

This was the red flag I saw. And since the goal of the blog is YOU and not me, it seemed necessary to make a change.

Just to confirm my suspicions, I put up a reader survey last Saturday and got 423 responses. The result, showing the type of contents my readers love most, is below:

  • Writing tips (23%)
  • Making money from writing/blogging (20%)
  • Blogging tips (18%)
  • Motivational pieces (15%)
  • Publishing tips (12%)
  • Essay competition updates (8%)
  • Others (4%)

Note that the survey allowed respondents to choose as many options as they wanted. Yet, only 8% chose essay contest postings.

They dilute the power of the brand

I recently took a critical inventory of blogs that command the confidence of their readers and add great value to them, and came to one realization: they aren’t content gathering sites.

Look at Copyblogger, Boost Blog Traffic, Social Triggers, Quick Sprout, Michael Hyatt, Goins Writer, Smart Passive Income and other such A-list blogs: they develop their own rich, unique contents tailored to their readers’ needs, and not just scoop news updates or contest announcements.

They grow on the quality and ingenuity of each post, not the volume of posts.

And no, this is not saying news gathering sites like Omojuwa and Linda Ikeji are worthless, nor that announcement sites like Opportunity Desk and Naija Competitions are garbage.

They’re fine sites on their own models, but such models just aren’t the type that can best serve the needs and interests of the audience composition Naija Writers’ Coach currently has.

Most readers of this blog are currently far more enthusiastic about writing and blogging tips. And that raises the odds against essay contest updates. I love how Seth Godin puts it:

An organization that refuses to settle for average stuff is far more likely to make remarkable stuff.

They are a time sucker

Tracking, formatting and posting essay contest news require huge time commitments. I read through several dozens of contest announcements before I found one which qualified to be posted (I only posted contests from credible organizations, with real prizes, for which Nigerians were eligible, which provided all necessary guidelines, etc).

The time commitment wouldn’t be an issue if the first two reasons did not exist, because in truth, essay contest postings had always taken a huge part of my time and I’d always been glad to make the sacrifice for the community.

But once most readers became disenchanted with them, essay contest postings lost the right to take such huge time commitment. It doesn’t seem right that they should meet only 20% of readers’ needs when they take 80% of the time (remember the 80/20 principle?)

What this does not mean

This is not saying I’ll stop entering essay contests I like. Nor that I’ll stop sharing tips on writing compelling essay contest entries.

It only means I’ll stop scooping essay contest news. And at the root of this is my deep desire to listen, decipher your needs, serve you better and make my blog a better resource for you.

In the interim, I’ll be posting every Monday and Thursday, tailoring my contents towards helping you overcome your writing, blogging and financial challenges.

So, thank you for reading. What’s your take on this? I’d love that you share your thoughts with me and other readers in the comments.

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  1. Abu Al-Farooq says:

    Thanks bro, for taking cognizant consideration of we your reader

  2. Segun Egbeyinka says:

    I hope this change will not apply to Naija Writers Coach essay contest? #smiling# Well done Coach.

  3. oyebash says:

    First, I’ll say my comment(s) on the decision is still loading as the news is kind of like an emergency.
    Another thing I want to say/note is; will/i think the site will have to then change face-e.g, I can still see “search by deadline” plus other contest related posts.
    -clear throat- Now i think some things are coming up; first, is that the news is kind of like a bomb really, that it hit me, personally, unconsciously, and made me speechless, but succinctly, surely all other writing blogs are as you rightly described it (which makes me even to see more sense in the innovation and made me think it’s a right step to betterment, though I still think it’s being different and distinct). Surely, it is not easy to effect a change, but I will just want our coach to cognizantly, carefully, and repeatedly consider and think about it well enough before it’s total effect. Moreover, I still want the coach to know that the contest update has at least some meager usefulness even if not much. [can I still think about more premises; maybe that’ll be later]. So, I just want the coach to base on those premises make a balanced conclusion – if possible dedicate small time for searching for essay contest, or even if possible, just bring about a [subblog] for posting contest instead of it taking the major headline. We all want the best, or sorry, I want the best for this blog, and so I want it to be as standard as the top blogs(goins, Hyatt, makealivingwrit, e.t.c) and as well, I don’t just want it to discard the essay things(but if that’ll be best for this blog, then no problem(hesitantly)). My prayer is that May Allah guide you in doing that which is right

    • Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Oyebash.

      The essay contest categories will still be left intact for several weeks to come, since I’m only stopping further posting of essay contests and not removing the already posted ones. Users will still find the categories useful til the deadlines of the already posted contests pass.

      I agree with you that the contests have their usefulness. But I said in the post: “Note that the survey allowed respondents to choose as many options as they wanted. Yet, only 8% chose essay contest postings.” That means the 92% of the survey respondents who didn’t pick essay contests completely lacked interest in it. They could have combined it with their favourite content types if they had an iota of interest in essay contests. So, ultimately, posting such contests would be a waste of their time and a dilution of their interest.

      Finally, I should say that this is an experimentation. I’ll be measuring the impacts for the next couple of months. If I find out it’s a wrong decision, trust me, I’ll be the first to come out and say so.

  4. trafalgar square 18 says:

    Please don’t go are the one that got me interested in essay writing and I can always rely on you for essay competitions.
    What I am trying to say in general is PLS DON’T GO

    • Good to know my posts got you interested in essay writing.

      Like I said, it’s a difficult decision for me, but if I want this brand to continue to grow and keep up with changing readers’ interest, I must listen and the brand must evolve.


    Introspect on this, there is God ooo. Chai! If 92% of Nigerian turn down their preference from “honey” to “wonderful cola”, that does not mean that the little 8% that prefer honey still doesn’t know the medicinal benefit of the cola. Although, both are of medicinal importance however, the low in demand for essay contest shouldn’t be a yardstick to nip its supply totally into the bud. wishing you more grease to ur elbow. As salam alaekum

  6. Olutobi Konigbagbe says:

    I always look forward to essay contest posts on this platform. This decision of yours is quite shocking.

  7. Hey Muhammed,
    please don’t stop posting essay contest notifications. I have been following your website for the past 8 months and i visit only for the essay contest notifications. Muhammed, you have to realize that essay contest notification provides variety to your website and caters to the need of those 8 %. Don’t you have any responsibility towards those 8 % ? In my opinion, if you are really adamant on stopping essay contest notification then provide us an alternative to this or else don’t stop.

    • Thanks, Aditya, for staying around all along.

      Of course I have responsibilities towards the 8% who are lovers of essay contests. Only that the lack of interest (or maybe dislike) of the 92% cannot be neglected too.

  8. Mohammed says:

    My Oga at the Top! The only post that make me disgusted is this on your blog… How could you take a decision to send away 8% of those that visit your blog. I as a regular visitor, if you stop this, I won’t even check this website again(not bragging) but because the owner didn’t value me and the likes of me. I check this blog atleast 7 times in a day because of many things but particularly ESSAY COMPETITION post… My oga, you have to be ambidextrous in posting it. I love you so much. Wa salam

    • Mohammed, I love you too. 🙂

      I’m not and would never send away a single reader of my blog, let alone 8%. Most of the 8% still have preference for other content types. So they’ll continue to get those. Trust me, I do and will continue to value you.

  9. Samuel Edet says:

    Majority takes the day,its democracy after all:-D

  10. Mohammed says:

    Ceteri paribus, can you plz count the vote of yesterday and anounce the winner. Exempli gratia, if it happened that when you are doing the survey, most of the people that love essay competition were short of mb or kinda not aware of it due to some problem with their email or phone or pc. Let’s do the survey again, and you will see that we will claim Veni Vedi Vici like Jonathan Boparte

  11. Dear Coach,

    As a reader, follower, and friend, I do not think this is a good decision. You know i visit your site religiously but what you may not know is that what draws me most to your site are those essay contest announcements which i read and re-read several times over. I believe this should be the same with many other readers drawing from my many personal encounters and conversations with some of your readers.

    Again, most of the people I refer to your site often express their preference for essay contest announcements and their amusement over the many writing opportunities you have here.

    Abdullahi, I believe that survey is not necessarily a true reflection of the preferences of your devoted readers and followers especially since many expressed their failure to take the survey. I too for example didn’t take the survey because i had internet connectivity issues then. That apart, i didn’t take it serious when i saw recharge cards offer. I just thought it was a way of giving back to the community not something you needed for a crucial business decision like this. I believe many might have thought so too cos just 423 out of about 8,000 subscribers took the survey. These 423 might have taken the survey not with any seriousness or evaluation of answers given but just so they can stand a chance to win the recharge cards. So to base such a critical decision on the survey is with respect misplaced.

    In all, I’ll suggest you review the decision because it is not in the best interest of both your business and your readers.

    • Abdullateef, that’s a thoughtful comment, as ever.

      I think the survey was well taken. Ordinarily, in online publishing circles, only about 5%-10% of email subscribers open sent newsletters. In my case, I’m fortunate to have an average of 13% open rate. That means an average of 1,000 subscribers currently open every email I send.

      So if 423 out of about 1,000 email opens took the survey, it definitely was well taken. Just a handful of readers initially complained of not seeing the links and they eventually took it, especially since I later extended the deadline by 24 hours.

      You said many might have thought the survey was not needed for a crucial business decision. I do not think so. I stated it clearly on the survey page and email that:

      …I want to make the blog better and more relevant to your needs and interests. To do that, I need to know more about what you want. To achieve this, I have created my first ever reader survey, below.
      When you fill the survey, you’ll be helping me make my contents more helpful and relevant to you.
      (And to make the deal even sweeter, I’ll pick 10 respondents at random and reward them each with N1,000 recharge card of any network of their choice)

      You’ll see that the main purpose of the survey was clearly stated, and the gift was only an afterthought, which I even put in brackets to de-emphasize it.

      And finally, the survey is only a constituent of one of the 3 reasons that informed the decision. Other reasons stand tall.

  12. imade iyamu says:

    I think you should take more time to think about this & weigh your options.

    Think of how most people get here: search engines. So many sites offer writing tips but fewer have essay competition info. Think of the potential fall in SEO ratings. You could make a handful of surveys instead of basing a heavy decision on one isolated survey.

    • I appreciate the importance of exercising caution, like you said.

      If anything, I have reasons to believe essay contest postings actually HURT, not help, SEO. Why? Because search engines hate duplicate contents, and since many sites post the same contests, they become duplicate contents. The negative effects on my site are only reduced (not removed) because I format them specially before posting.

  13. Ayeyemi Taofeek Aswagaawy says:

    I was asking myself why my BP is increasing, but later realised it was because of this shocking news.
    Anyway, friends who also love essay contests have commented. And I think I resonate with them.
    Thanks Coach.
    We’ll keep learning…….

  14. omotayo Femi says:

    Coach, I must add my voice to others and say emphatically that i do not believe this survey reflect the true desire of all you visitors: I for one never heard of the survey because the sole reason i visit is because of the competitions that you post. please do well to consider us….. wishing you the best


  15. I strongly believe in your opinion, so long as your fulfilment is to satisfy people’s need, I think your decision is right. You have been doing a great job helping people realising their dreams (I’m a living testimony). Please keep doing what interest people and make them your trusted audience. I wish I had use this opportunity long ago, but it is never too late because I’m back on the track doing what I love and earning a living courtesy of your advise, tips and most importantly your course The Pen Money Masterclass. You are truly a mentor to me and a real coach. Keep up the good work. May Allah continue to enrich you in knowledge and wisdom.

  16. technoryta says:

    Well, that is the survey. I follow this blog majorly for essay contest postings. The person that informed me about this blog did so on the basis of essay contest. I have invited up to four people to this blog and I had no other way to advertise except through your .essay contest postings. The CMO contest I won was through your blog.

  17. Abdulhakeem Abdul says:

    If the motive of this blog at the beginning is for essay contests, I don’t think there is a need for it to stop. Remember your Mission and Vision at the beginning of this blogging. do not jeopardize the interest of your people based on proxy statistics. I can emphatically say it that, from personal experience and contact with co-subscribers, larger percentage of the traffic here is for the contest posts.

    In fact, most recommendations are for essay contests not for writing tips. The basic truth is just that everybody cannot open all contest, most especially when the tittle has indicated that they are not qualified. for example, an essay contest that reads “Nigeria Society Of Doctors essay contest” will definitely not concern me, a historian or anybody not in such field. But your writing tips is what brought us all together.

    Therefore, Sir, I don’t think it is right to cite examples of goings writer and others when they have different motives for creating their blogs. Remember that success is all about doing the same thing differently and excellently. If their method can make them grow bigger, yours can as well. what you need do is learn from them and incorporate it in yours not trying to be like them.

    Sir, a blog that started from 0 to 8,000 subscribers is indeed a promising one. If in three years you have such traffic, who says who wouldn’t have Triple in the next Three years. pls sir, think it well before making this decision.

    If however you doubt my assumption, ask anybody outside; What is Naija Writers Coach? If the answer is not “A website that always post essay contests” then you have all reasons to follow survey.

    Best of luck from your well wisher.

    • Abdulhakeem, your comment got me laughing. Thanks for being around and such insightful arguments.

      The bottomline remains that organizations which refuse to grow to meet the expediency of the current time will go archaic. And this decision is in that line.

  18. Well, I think it’s a good decision because as your website name conotes, you are supposed to be coaching but I think you should still put up essay competitions information so that the twenty percent wouldn’t be lost. it may not be as frequent but from time to time. weldone

  19. Mohammed says:

    Aaaarrrggggh! My head! My back! My stomach! My leg! I did not even know what is happening. I went to hospital, all is futility. Nothing wrong with you is the report from the Dr. And now did I know that what is happening is beyond empirical power. It has to do with soul, plz, do not stop it, or keep uploading. I’m waiting for reply that will provide solution to what is happening to me and I have exam 2mao, whereas I’m sick in within… Reply…. My oga heal me plz, I love you once again sir. @1st comment today*like Napoleon Bonarpate

  20. Really sorry Mr. Tosin. I have been wanting to tell this to you for a past few days. But the right time has come now; with this abrupt decision of yours. What i have observed over the days is that, this site has grown from a ‘essay writing resource for budding writers’ to a website which teaches ‘how to make ready money’….! But i dunno whether this ‘growth’ is for good or the bad….Have you ever reflected about that? Sorry, please don’t take me wrong. All that I want from your website is the announcement of essay contests because I cannot compile them as you can. This decision may lead to SEVERAL drastic setbacks to you and the website. Please reconsider your decision. We are disappointed… 🙁

    • Nayana, thanks for your thoughtful comment. I appreciate the content and reason it’s well intentioned.

      But this blog has never taught ‘how to make ready money’ like you said. Instead, I teach writers how to have sustainable writing careers. And yes, it’s the dream of every writer: to be able to pursue his passion without having to be a pauper or do some boring side works that make him want to vomit, just to pay the bills.

      If you’ve got 2 minutes, please read this: What Writers Must Do To ‘Go Pro’ And Create More Values.

      • Sorry i said mr. tosin… i have said sorry twice…am really sorry if i insulted u by using those words…

        I was frustrated that my ready reliable source for essay contests would be no more. At the end of the day, the website is yours and it is your decision what u r going to do about it…..But I am disappointed……

  21. I do not think the decision is favourable to me.

  22. Tohir Olaitan says:

    The idea of u stop posting essay competitions, with due respect to your decision, is not welcome. I, among others will appreciate it if you can reconsider your decision.

  23. Oderinde Taiwo Martins says:

    Oga mi, to tell you the honest truth, some few of us suscribed to this site because of the precise and accurate essay contest opportunities you mail to us. Anyway, I (in the process) learnt from the articles, free courses and all the books you’ve made available on the site and in the Pen Money Masterclass because of my passion for knowledge and application.
    But if you are making this decision now, I fear you are sending some of elsewhere for such invaluable information. Thanks so much for the knowledge you’ve imparted into me so far. I love you, the impact and profit maker.

    • Taiwo, life is about opportunity cost. I’m human and cannot please everyone at the same time. That doesn’t mean I don’t value everyone. It doesn’t mean I want some to leave. It just means that I have limitations and people will always leave (and join), however great the value I provide is.

      I appreciate your comment.

  24. Mohammed says:

    I keep quiet ooo. I’m highly disappointed. Well, I got alternatives from this update as well about who will be providing me with essay competition updates. And I don’t want anything again in your blog, I’m sorry(if I’m kind of humiliating). Since my main need just because of fucking survey. Have a nice day.

  25. IGHARO EGHOSA says:

    To the wonderful coach,thanks for your efforts thus far and your thoughtfulness. However I think that the statistics of the survey result should not be an index for the aforesaid resolution.survey results do change with time, do not b surprise tomorrow, that if another survey is done, a contrasting result may ensue. nevertheless, following statistics, there is over 8,000 subscibers to this blog of unprecedented importance and uniqueness, only a little above 400 took the survey, maybe it was due to the short period of the survey anyway. I think that a little above 400 cannot be used to make a total conclusion where 8,000 is the highest figure of interest. in essence, the percentage that took the survey may not be a full reflection of what is actually happening. I strongly of the view that the essay contest posting should stay and continue. thanks!!!

  26. IGHARO EGHOSA says:

    consider other confounding factors

  27. nonybeautiful says:

    I think that your survey is good. i mean it reveals that you take things seriously. Yet, I see this fora as i see a class room. You may not have many reasons to continue, I obligde you to continue even for the sake of one percent interest in essay contests.

    Its also an obvious indicator of the things that interest the youth. majority want an easy way to knowledge, few are ready to research.

    I do hope you use your facility to change the nonchalant culture towards study, research and development and not give in to the winning distraction of mental development.

  28. assalamu alaikum! by the way, sorry for my bad english!
    first of all, i must appreciate how you muhd devote your time and energy to create a resource that will be truly ours.
    with though am not supporting the Anouncement that EC to stop, my main concern is on how some of our fellows comment with discouraging words like “am not checking back again” which are very straight-forward. we all Know how difficult it is to have your time presented to others works. and we all know our coach is not wishing to turn back at us this time. if you feel not comfortable checking back why then make it publicly known to people including tosin or why not just modify your language to make sense of what you mean. but really those words are very straight-forward and discouraging. they may make muhd feel lonelyness in his work. please we are adults am sorry if it humilates.

    • Thanks, Shuaib, for your comment.

      I do not see the objections like you do. I knew and expected a backlash when I was to make the announcement. I believe everyone has a right to express his view and preference, and I’m here to defend that. It’s a natural concomitant of a radical change to have serious objections. It was like that when Google announced it was taking down Google Reader and when Copyblogger removed comments. Even when in 1953, Anthony Enahoro called that Nigeria be granted independence in 1956, it was protested. Having objections to change is natural, and it’s not necessarily bad.

      I know this decision is for the good of all parties, and it will take time for the wisdom behind it to be appreciated.

  29. Coach, Kindly consider the number of people who have objected to this idea. Personally, it doesn’t sound like an 8percent; please reconsider the idea of halting the essay contest. In fact, the moment I saw the notice I was utterly dispirited and thought it as a wrong step forward but with your wisdom and understanding I knew you wouldn’t be doing it for just any reason. Also, considering the stress and energy it took me to uncover a treasurable site as this; I would say this is a disastrous blow on my chest, please boss, consider your actions. At least, you could still retain the essay posts as a sub blog that is continually updated because some individuals might actually be relying on those essay posts as additional source for their daily bread, retracting this vital part from this blog may leave them with no choice but to quit this site, kindly reconsider it boss or could you provide another link where this essay posts could be sought. Please coach, kindly reconsider.

    • Johnson, I appreciate your concern and am sorry about how you feel.

      I can tell you the objection is coming from less than 2% of this blog’s readers. Imagine if Fashola launches a policy in Lagos State which 1% of the residents find unfavourable. If the 1% take to the street in protest, it might seem like everybody is against the decision, especially because the 99% who consider it good would likely just watch.

  30. Okoloma says:

    Great work bro. It’s quite unfortunate you have to make this decision, but in spite of all your analysis I still think it’s not the right decision. You are the boss, so do your thing. I just hope some other subscribers like me won’t find your blog boring afterwards. All the best.

  31. OMG!
    This is going too painful to me particularly because I have always loved entering for essay contests and this platform has been my source of such info. Pls, Oga Tosin, why not help me with how you do go about getting the essay contest information, so that I can try accessing them myself (Hoping I haven’t ask for impossible). My email is . Thanks, Am anxiously waiting for your response.

  32. Uneasy, indeed, lies the head that bears the crown. May Allah strengthen you the more and make firm your foothold.

  33. Assalamun Alaykum,
    Your excellency Sir, I’ll want to appeal against your controversial decision that has evoked hydra-headed expressions of disappointment from my fellow commenters. However, if you proceed in unilaterally terminating the Essay Contest Adverts on your website, I’ll consider that as irrational decision. The importance of essay adverts can never be overemphasized. “they say politics is a game of numbers”. Politicians can’t afford to lose a single vote. Similarly, i can’t imagine any wisdom in “a blogger (social entrepreneur) attempting to forfeit a customer (or subscriber). I discover your site via the window of “Essay adverts alert” before exploring other contents of your blog. If you are a classical source of essay adverts alert on which Nigerian youths (even if they are minority) rely upon, then, you can only honour these students of knowledge/scholars by sustaining your credibility. I collected a consolation prize last month from the Essay contest I participated (through your link). Nevertheless & finally, if you still consider your “Essay Contest Adverts” fans complaint and yearnings, YOU ARE AT ABSOLUTE LIBERTY. lot of love!

    • Wa alaykum salaam.

      I can understand lots of emotion is at play here. But my decision was not informed by that. If you read the piece, you’d see I laid out my reasons. We could have a more fruitful debate if you address the points I raised and not rely on the emotional reactions, which is natural when you introduce a change.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts anyway.

  34. oh no!!!!! pls dont stop posting the competitions! chai there is god o! am an ardent fan of yours so plssss!!! dont do this to me…..

  35. Farblos says:

    Most of the comments are just expression of emotion.

    Having go through the comments, I realised it’s a decision you’ve made already, this post is only a notification –as per your reply to Tohir Olaitan’s comment. And I look forward to seeing your promise to Okoloma fulfilled. But MAT, how about setting up another blog themed for the essay contest.

    Mehn! c as people dey blow gramar 4 here, oga Tosin you’re doing a good job.

  36. This is quite an expensive decision. It is not only shocking but highly discouraging that as many as 8% was not enough to sustain the continous existence of such a resourceful post.
    I am happy to inform u that in all honesty, it was my search for essay competion that landed me on ur site in the first place and this has ever since glued me better to ur site than any other posts. If u so desire, I wish to urge u to reconsider such decision. It is a selfless service to the community, the responsibiliy which u have for the past years shouldered irrespective of whatever circumstance. We can only be praying for u to grow from strength to strength…dont be discourage brother, it is still an integral part of what makes ur site as beautiful and as fascinating as it is!
    Bill Gate never relented in what he knew best to do, that was why he eventually got there.
    Watch the above comment, re-evaluate and see the percentage of those who do not want u to quit.
    Whatever it is, I wish u GOODLUCK!

  37. all well said prodigy Abdullah.
    But what I think is dat the most enthralling thing about ur blog is d essay contest posting because
    -it get people’s attention and want to no more
    -it makes ur blog to have more viewers because U give rear info which many not find easily. other writng tips can easily be gotten fron other source witbout stress
    -if essay contest had had 90% in ur feedback, would U have continue?, if yes, U should know dat non response of some to ur blog may be due to one excuse or the other. but from my survey, people know naijawriters coach for diseminating info about essay contest mostly
    -on stress, U should remember dat U’re doing a great favour to comunal development and U shalk be rewarded for dat
    -pls look at the other side of the coin before ur final conclusion
    thanks dear pal
    Adeoye Abdur-Rasheed

    • Great points there, Abdur-Rasheed. Your response is quite analytical, like many others’. Believe me, I’m giving all these opinions and essay contest love a serious thought. We’ll see what happens.


  38. Caleb Ogundiya says:

    I suppose u must have thought it through very much before u took the ultimate decision, and it seems, that your mind is made up. However, I’d like to make a s suggestion, since it appears that a handful of your followers still appear favourably disposed to the posting of essay contests, why not write a post that describes in detail how to search the web for essay postings on their own. I personally will appreciate that and I believe other writers who have become devotees of this blog will find it helpful
    You would have thought them how to fish and not just give them them fish to eat always. Its just a suggestion.

  39. Mohammed says:

    You are logical boss. My oga at the top thanks for re-evaluating it and the later decision of continuation. Kudos to you BIG BOSS.

  40. Malomo Eyitayo says:

    some of us actually like the idea of having these essay contests posted, for me it helps my introspection and helps have a deeper understanding of situations and surroundings, which is needed for growth in anything. so if there is any way you could send these essay contests to me personally, i would like it. thanks.

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