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Discovered: Successful Bloggers Do These

Discovered: Successful Bloggers Do These

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Vanessa Osuka, a motivational blogger at My Word Planet. You can connect with her on Twitter, @VanessaOsuka.

When I embraced blogging some months back, I had always felt that it was all about setting up a blog, carving a niche, making a post…and that’s all!

So, that was what I loyally did.

And that was why, sometimes I went blank with ideas for blog posts, I painfully forced pen to paper only to produce doodles of nursery school pupils.

I had rolling nights to think that there was no “next post” for the blog, that I was a failing, that my blogging career was crumbling even when it had hardly started. It was even worse to think that the tears dried up when they ought to come in showers.

Seriously. At some point, I thought about calling it quits and going into something “practicable” for my life as advised.

Until the scales were lifted…

Until I discovered how all wrong I was getting it, that to be a successful blogger, there was a “more”.

Yes, niches and posts matter. A lot. In fact, they are the flesh and foundation of your blogging career. But there’s a more to it which I never discovered was impeding my growth.

I’d like to share them with you in my next words.

Successful bloggers:

1. Stay positive:

You don’t expect everyone to stand up and cheer you upon choosing blogging as a career, do you?

In fact, this is when the counselors and advisers would arrive in their troupe to carefully explain how you are going down the wrong path, how unrealistic blogging is, why you should go for something “ practicable” in your life…blah blah.

But Jim Rohn once said:

“If you don’t design your life’s plan, chances are that you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they’ve planned for you? Not much!”

You’ve chosen blogging for your life, right? And you are convinced that you can blog, at least, for some reasonable length of time in your life? That you’re eager to help people and make the difference, huh?

So go for it!  I’m not mistaken to say blogging is your calling.

Be positive while you take up that position, because really, every blogger needs positive stamina to survive the discouragements that would greet your career.

In the early stages of your blogging career, positive energy is invaluable to keep you going.

As part of my positivity strategy, I keep a sustainable amount of positive quotes placed at easily noticeable locations, places I can’t do without seeing: the room, as a sticky note on my PC, as a welcome note on my cell phone, etc. It helps me keep focus and it should you too.

So, if you aren’t already doing this, it can be your starter.

2. Keep a store for posts

There are sometimes when the inspiration wouldn’t just come, or times when your circumstances would not allow for a blog post. At those times, your post store would be the saving grace.

Only if you have one.

So when the ideas come, write! Muse is expensive my brother. I’ve found that to be true.  So just write it, even if you are not due to make a post. Save it for the “rainy” day.

3. Read voraciously

As a blogger, you are a researcher, a finder, a problem solver and practically a Super Man (your readers expect you to be).

Besides, you’ve pledged to give the highest value to your readers no matter what. So you must be an addicted reader. A wide reader.

Of course, you can’t impact what you do not have?

The simple tip is to read voraciously; the sound of that word, voraciously may create a mental image of the speed and attention with which a hungry man would consume a bowl of eba.

Aha! That’s the way a real blogger should take in information. With urgency. Urgency to create added value with the gathered knowledge.

4. Are passionate

Your passion is the breath with which your blog lives and should live on. That eagerness to always write a blog post, that zest in you that keeps you thinking always about your blog: how to satisfy your readers, how to make things work, how to…

It’s a revolution called passion! Every true blogger must experience it. And when the passion lives in you? Nothing! I would say this with every ounce of energy in me: Nothing can stop you.

I believe that, how about you?

Now over to you, dear reader. What’s your say on these? Are there any other ways you think we can up our games to be successful bloggers? Let’s hear you in the comments.

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  1. Great post, Vanessa. You nailed it at the right spot. You covered what a whole book should cover in one blog post. This is marvelous. These 4 elements are indeed what bloggers need to possess. I think without these 4 elements you mentioned, no blogger will become successful. Thank you for the reminder, Vanessa.

  2. You’re welcome Muhiz. 🙂 Good to hear from you again.

  3. Wonderful post vanessa… Most people think blogging is a walk in the park. It is a full time Job.

  4. This is awesome! You have indeed spoken the truth. And sincerely, it’s an eye opener. Keep your pen dancing, keep your fingers typing and keep the ideas flowing. Thumbs up

  5. Allen zito says:

    Nice one sis,just what i need to kick start my blogging career

  6. blogging amplifies a thought and carries it in a safe box to the unseen. it is a great tool, one that shrinks and expands the blogger-makes him better, makes the world better

  7. Kadiri Stanley says:

    I’m indeed happy , blogging have made me wide. I need motivators like I see here . thank you all

  8. Vanessa, you’ve done good to persons like me who have found blogging hectic, perhaps because the impression was that it would be as easy as anything.

    I must not deny that I’m motivated.

    Thanks, colleague, for seeing it important to put this forth

    • I’m glad you found it encouraging Toyib. Keep blogging and let nothing stop you, there’s no better way to be the difference maker you should.

  9. 5. Connect with other bloggers. Nigerian bloggers lack this, but I like what you’re doing here. Guest blogs, boot camps, seminars and other networking events, podcast guesting, affiliate partnerships, link exchanges, interviews, etc, – even mentions on twitter – are ways we can help each other achieve success as bloggers.

    Nice one, and thanks for the post, Venessa & Abdullahi. Keep it up!

    • That so true, Dami. Networking is a spice for blogging success. Meeting other bloggers(like you and others) and sharing thoughts keeps us all going against the odds. Thanks for contributing.

    • That’s the main reason I keep encouraging many of my readers to start their own blog, hone their skills and make great impact: we need a supportive community.

  10. And yes, special thanks to the noble man above the “Comments”, for the privilege to share this with you. We couldn’t have had a better Coach.

  11. nice one! I will keep them in my left hand so I will not loose them just yet especially the read voraciously part. Thanks.

  12. Terhemen says:

    wof! I am getting to like this blogging thing but do I just go blogging about anything?

  13. You’ve got to select a niche, set up a blog using the website setup tutorial on this site. Go further to create value, connect with other bloggers and gain influence/readers for your blog.
    keep blogging!
    There are some valuable write ups here that can better equip you for this.
    So, go for blogging and start, making the difference.

    Best wishes from Vanessa as you do those.

  14. please! I really would want to do this blogging thing.. how do I get a blogspot? is it more than having a blog with word press?

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