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3 Weeks Of Literary Expedition And Conquest

3 Weeks Of Literary Expedition And Conquest

Saturday, the 13th April, 2013 marked the peak of the 3 weeks of literary expedition embarked upon by yours truly, the CEO of Naija Writers’ Coach.

I had stormed 3 cities each in a different state – Otun-Ekiti, Ogbomoso and Ilorin – spreading the gospel of literary pursuit, intellectual reorientation and teaching the craft of essay writing.

literary voyageWhy did I do this?

Simple! For the love of writing!

It was because I loved the craft, ever addicted, but even then, I got inebriated and just could not not embark on the voyage. Yes! I could not not invade the cities to infect them with my contagious passion for writing!

First, Ekiti State

It started on 31st March, 2013 at a Leadership Training Programme staged by the Young Muslim Association of Nigeria (YMAN) in Otun-Ekiti, Ekiti State. I had the mandate to talk with and inspire youth like myself on the imperative for intellectual rebirth. The topic was, “Come, Let’s Change The World”.

Participants drawn from many states of the federation were in attendance and I had a wonderful session.

Then, Oyo State

A week later, on Sunday, the 7th of April, 2013, the campaign of writing creativity was unleashed on the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH), Ogbomoso, Oyo State. It was a 2-day writing workshop staged by the MSSN LAUTECH.

I rode on the single most important tool of the writing craft, the pen, as I engaged the audience in the practically-filled 250-capacity lecture theatre on the topic, “Having A Blissful Voyage”. I had a long, happy time span of 2 hours for my presentation and then 30 minutes for the question and answer session.

The city was practically under a literary siege as mediocrity was dethroned and scholarship celebrated. I still relish the great opportunity I had to meet many nice faces – friends, fans and well wishers whom I hold in high esteem, people I’ve, until then, only conversed and worked with online.

And latest, Kwara State

In what represented the climax of the pen crusade, the University of Ilorin (Unilorin) played host to the literary festival on Saturday, the 13th of April, 2013. It was a writing workshop organized by Naija Writers’ Coach, in collaboration with the Union of Campus Journalists, Unilorin.

At the workshop which lasted 4 hours, I spoke on Campus Journalism: the Art, the Gains and the Pains”. My mentor, Dr. Mahfouz Adedimeji, the Chairman of the Editorial Board of the Unilorin Bulletin, was also a facilitator at the event.

Lovers of the pen and its potency from LAUTECH and Unilorin graced the event and drank from the well of literacy and scholarship. The impacts were instantaneous and there are shining reasons to believe they would be far-reaching and long-lasting.

Why this literary conquest?

I did all these in good faith … just for the love of writing!

More cities and institutions shall, God willing, be conquered soon. Naija Writers’ Coach welcomes partnership and collaboration with forward-looking groups and institutions.

Facebook comment Naija Writers' CoachWhen I announced the Unilorin workshop on Naija Writers’ Coach Facebook Page, a reader’s inquiry was, when are you guys storming FUTA?”

My response to him, which of course applies to all in his shoes, was: “We shall be there when you want us. It’s all entirely up to you to organize the writing workshop and invite us as resource persons.

If you’re passionate about writing and would like your city or institution stormed, feel free to contact me or see the services I offer so we can work out something practical.

Let’s hear from you!

If you attended any of the 3 literary events, what was your experience like? If you did not, would you like something like that in your institution or city? Leave a comment and let’s get talking.

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  1. DhulQarNyn says:

    I was @d writing workshop tagged “The Voyage with Pen” organised by MSSN Lautech branch.It was an awesome xperince as it has always been with d naija writers coach.Keep up d good work cos you Rock!!!

  2. I was @d writing workshop tagged "The Voyage with Pen" organised by MSSN Lautech branch.It was an awesome xperince as it has always been with d naija writers coach.Keep up d good work because you Rock!

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