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The Best of Naija Writers’ Coach in 2012

The Best of Naija Writers’ Coach in 2012

If age were the sole criterion of impact and success, Naija Writers’ Coach would be an underdog in the comity of online resources for Nigerian writers. Fortunately, it’s more of how well than how far. And evidences – verifiable ones at that – show that we’ve fared resoundingly well.

The Naija Writers’ Coach website – not the blog we previously used to experiment the project – is only some days older than 2 months.

Within this period, we’ve recorded some giant strides as evidenced by our growing Twitter followers, Facebook fans, email subscribers, reassuring testimonials, influx of clients, quality backlinks, SEO authority (Google search “2013 essay competitions for Nigeria” and see how well we rank) and growing organic traffic– more than 300 daily page views!

Best of Naija Writers Coach in 2012We have you all to thank for the awesome feat. You’ve all been incredibly supportive – reading, commenting, sharing, liking, subscribing and giving testimonials.

As the year draws to an end, we want to share with you some contents we’re very much proud of. Maybe you might have missed them before, maybe you’ve read them but want to be refreshed, they’re here for you.

Six Super Secrets To Becoming A Superstar Scribbler

Myths unraveled, experience shared and permission granted to all reluctant and aspiring essayists to enter the driver’s seat and start writing right, right NOW. What are you waiting for?

How To Sidestep ‘Fakism’ in Your Writing

A practical exploration of the simple rule of thumb: if you write to impress, it will always be bad, but if you write to express, your writing will be impressive.

How To Craft A Killer Essay Introduction

A 5-part series which elaborately treats some very effective ways of opening an essay with a bang. Never again should you be stuck starting your essay.

12 Notorious Nigerian English Intensifiers That Shouldn’t Creep Into Your Essay

What’s this about gaan? I don’t need this tips jor! Beware, lest these intensifiers smear the quality of your essay. A must read piece.

Four Incredibly Silly Ways To Lose Your Essay Prize

Being an analysis of some pragmatic and extremely simple but often-neglected things to put in place if you must deserve the fruits from your formidable essay entry, the insights provided are relevant to job, scholarship, admission and essay opportunities.

Prepositional and Collocational Abuse in Nigerian English

A superb guest post from Prof. Farooq Kperogi. Epic as ever. This is a great guide to help you stop murdering English J

4 Effortless Tips To Help You Write Without Ambiguity

Efficient writers leave no doubt about what they write. If you don’t intend it, don’t say – or write – it. Learn how!

‘Yours Sincerely’ Emerges A Winner At The CIPM Annual National Essay Contest

For the records, it’s not been all talks all months! Action speaks louder than voice – and maybe pen. I’m walking the walk…after all, to win is no sin!

Essay Contests

Lest we forget, essay contests are always opened in abundance here. This is where you bring the text into context and the rhetoric into reality. See which of them you like, start writing and bagging laurels…and yes, cool cash too.

Some gossips…

Watch out for the first edition of Naija Writers’ Coach Annual Essay Competition, the launch of my book on essay writing and National Writers’ Conference all in the first half of 2013. Mind you, don’t tell anyone you heard it from me, you hear?

Please have your say…

Now is the time to serve you better. But we need your help. Simply tell us what you think about Naija Writers’ Coach, how we can improve user experience and serve you better, what you’d like to see us publish more – or less.

What topics, tips and how-to’s would you like to learn next? Take some seconds, have your say…in the comments!

P.S.: This post was inspired by The Best of Copyblogger in 2012 by Sonia Simone.

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