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The Emerging Leaders 2013 Essay Competition

The Emerging Leaders 2013 Essay Competition

Are you a thought leader in the making? Project Firefly is a merit-based platform giving tomorrow’s leaders the opportunity to distinguish themselves from the millions of other University students and graduates.


Submit an essay between 800 and 1,500 words on one of the following topics for a chance to win.

1. After five years of crises – related monetary expansion what financial assets remain under-priced?

2. Which ASEAN country will see the biggest improvement in its business environment in the next five years? Why?

3. Will the proposed reforms in India’s financial, energy and retail sectors really make a difference? Is this 1991 all over again?

4. Are the governance challenges facing China’s new leadership really that different from other countries?

5. To what extent do the disputes in the South China Sea constitute a significant threat to stability in the Asia-Pacific region? How can these rivalries be better managed in the future?

Organizeressay competitions for Nigerians

Project Firefly


1st: Full attendance of the AIC – a premier thought leadership event – including all travel and accommodation, $2500 and Winners Certification.

2nd: Full attendance of the AIC – a premier thought leadership event – including all travel and accommodation, $1500 and Winners Certification

3rd: Full attendance of the AIC – a premier thought leadership event – including all travel and accommodation, $1000     and Winners Certification

10 Honourable Mentions: $250 and Honourable Mention Winners Certification

Competition Finalists: Finalist Certification

2014 Internship Interviews: Top talent, graduating in 2015, who are identified by Project Firefly’s independent Academic Review Board, and who apply for a position in the Credit Suisse Internship Program in 2014, will receive priority consideration for the recruiting process.


10 February, 2013, [23:59 (UTC -12)]


  • None of the essays submitted will be published on the Project Firefly website until after the competition has closed.
  • All submissions must be made in English.
  • Please do not put your name or a University name anywhere on the submission (including header and footer sections).
  • The essay should not be less than 800 or more than 1500 words (excluding bibliography, endnotes etc.). Please state the exact word count at the top of the essay.
  • Accepted formats: We only accept .doc and .docx documents- this is due to publication issues with other formats.
  • Please only use size 12 Font.
  • Please do NOT include an essay cover sheet.
  • All diagrams and figures included should be original.
  • Please always use endnotes when referencing is required.
  • The Bibliography style is open
  • Where referencing internet sources please provide a link if available.
  • To be considered for a prize, the competition participant must be either a university student (full or part time, studying for a Bachelor’s, Master’s or a Doctoral Degree) or an alumni graduate with a University Degree – Bachelor, Master or Doctorate – who graduated within the last 5 years (as at December 31 2012).
  • The competition participant must fully reference all sources used. Whether essays with high levels of referenced information contain enough value to be considered admissible for the competition will be at the discretion of the Academic Review Board. Plagiarism will result in disqualification.
  • Essay submissions are evaluated for publication by the Academic Review Board. Only those essays that will be published by Project Firefly, and therefore passed the associated quality controls, will be eligible for participation in the Competition.
  • A competition participant’s proof of study or graduation will be based solely on their attestation confirming enrolment or graduation from a place of study. Submitters who do not select the tick box with the appropriate attestation will not be able to submit an essay. An electronic copy of a participant’s university matriculation/graduation certificate may be requested for the competition prize winners.
  • To win one of the top 3 prizes, competition participants must be able to visit Hong Kong and attend the AIC – detailed on the Emerging Leaders Essay competition page between March 17 – 22nd 2013.
  • Competition participants must be able to travel to Hong Kong for the Emerging Leaders Essay Competition Prize using an agreed travel mode and plan with Project Firefly (i.e. Project Firefly must be able to book the appropriate parts of the journey).
  • Competition participants must have a valid passport and, if required, visa applications must be made by the competition participant at their own risk.
  • For more information, see the organizer’s website.
  • Submission start: January 8, 2013
  • Deadline for submissions: February 10, 2013
  • Results announcement: by the end of February
  • Facilitation event: from March 17th – 23rd , 2013
  • Meet the 2012 Winners & View Scenes from AIC 2012 here


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