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The Eye on Earth Summit 2015 Blogging Competition

The Eye on Earth Summit 2015 Blogging Competition

Eye on Earth is a global movement that aims to improve the access to and availability of environmental, social and economic data to support informed decision-making for sustainable development. We want you to create a blog post that looks at how data and information can make a difference to ordinary people’s lives. Whether it is lifting people out of poverty, helping communities prepare for natural disasters or simply enhancing our ability to make better day-to-day choices, your blog entry should focus on how a #datarevolution can help us secure a better and more sustainable future.

The Eye on Earth Summit 2015 Blogging Competition

Your entry should be innovative, inspiring and motivate your peers to get talking about the vital role data and information has to play in protecting the health of our planet.

What’s the issue?

To protect our future, sustainably-minded decisions must be made today. The problem is that the vital data needed to make these decisions is increasingly obscure, outdated, inaccessible and overwhelming.  Decision makers need access to comprehensive data networks and information in order to make the right call at the right time.

That’s why Eye on Earth is driving the conversation on data sharing that will revolutionise the future of policy and decision-making to create a better future for generations to come.

Be Part of the Solution

The Eye on Earth Alliance believes that you, our global citizens, civil scientists, technology experts, students, and next generation of decision makers, are crucial to shaping a sustainable future for all. Just as the economy needs knowledge to grow, society needs knowledge to learn, and the environment needs knowledge to survive. We need you to give sustainability a voice.

The Eye on Earth Alliance is sending one lucky winner to Abu Dhabi UAE, to attend the 2015 Eye on Earth Summit. Write an inspiring 750 – 1,000 word blog post on:


“A better world through knowledge and information”


Eye on Earth


The Eye on Earth Alliance is sending one lucky winner to Abu Dhabi, UAE to attend the Eye on Earth Summit from 6th-8th October 2015 as our “Official Eye on Earth Summit 2015 Blogger”.

  • Receive round-trip flights to Abu Dhabi*
  • Receive three nights’ accommodation at a luxury five-star hotel
  • Meet some of the world’s most influential names in sustainable development and informatics
  • Guest blog, tweet and post real-time Summit updates to an enthusiastic global audience.
  • * All prizes are subject to the winner’s ability to travel on the dates specified, obtain a UAE visa and comply with the EoE Blogging Competition Terms & Conditions.


20th August 2015


  • To enter, simply upload your submission and brief personal biography to the Eye on Earth website, submit and share.
  • The more popular your post, the more chances you have to win. Help us spread the word and preserve our planet, one sustainably informed post at a time. It’s time to join the #datarevolution @EoEAlliance.
  • Organisations are eligible to submit one entry each, but must nominate one individual to represent the organisation if they should wi
  • Each blog entry should also be accompanied by a brief author biography of no more than 200 words.
  • Blog posts will be judged on the following 5 categories:





  • Relevance
    Winners will be announced in early September 2015
  • Your blog post must be an original and thought-provoking piece, crafted expressly for this competition. Plagiarism is not ok, so please be creative and unique. For your blog post to be considered, you must be over 18 years of age and comply with the EoE Blogging Competition entry requirements. By entering this competition you automatically accept the detailed terms.
  • Submit your entry here.


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