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The Most Important Tool To Help You Achieve Your Goals

The Most Important Tool To Help You Achieve Your Goals

I don’t know what your goals in life are, but whatever they are, having a dependable income would make the process faster and the results greater.

Don’t get me wrong … money isn’t everything. There are some things money can’t do.

As an artist, I believe living just to make money would produce a life devoid of meaning. If you do that, you might get rich, but you won’t be fulfilled. The world is full of wealthy moguls who are never happy … some of whom eventually commit suicide

Realizing your true potentials, making lasting impacts, supporting the vulnerable and being contented and thankful are superior goals that almost always guarantee fulfillment and inner joy.

But as much as we don’t – or should not – live to make money, making money can make us live better and reach our goals faster.

Walt Disney said it well:

We don’t make movies to make money, we make money to make more movies.


Photo Credit: zen! via Compfight cc

You want to be a proficient writer? Money isn’t all you need, but it will help you invest in writing resources with ease, worry less about dumping your writing to do others works to pay the bills, eat regular and balanced diet which stabilizes your mindset and boosts your concentration. Ultimately, money can make you a better writer.

You want to be a seasoned blogger? Money isn’t all you need, but it can help you kickstart your platform, build an audience fast, attract advertisers and partners and get social media traction.

You want to escape the 8 – 6 job that bores you to tears? You just hate sitting behind a desk and doing the same dull, repetitive tasks that kill your artistic flair? You want the freedom of working when you want, from where you want, for how long you want and spending more quality time with your family?

Money is not all you need, because you might be rich and still have those problems. But without money, you can’t achieve those goals.

You want to start an NGO, a foundation or other charities? The most important thing you need is a passionate desire to help others, but you need money to make plans, implement projects, enlist team members and touch lives big time.

You want to develop your spirituality, spread the virtues of your faith and help more people find the immeasurable joy that comes from true devotion to the Divine? Money isn’t all you need, but your mission might turn a mirage without a dependable income stream.

You want to travel the world? Money isn’t the passport and visas and travel tickets you need but you won’t get any of them without money.

You need money? I can help you

When I embraced writing, I was a very broke chap: no PC, no blog, no modem. Just my skull and my pen and a strong passion.

I launched my first blog in 2011. I started writing earlier – 2009 to be precise.

I had to type essays after essays on my phone, transfer them through Bluetooth to a borrowed PC and process them to enter essay contests.

Other times, I had saved them in my email draft on phone, retrieved them from a borrowed PC and … the rest is history.

Over the years, I’ve wasted tons of energy, time, money and other resources trying to figure out how to make real, consistent, lawful and ethical money from my writing, right here in Nigeria.

That’s over 4 years of trial and error, and frustrations, and outright failures. And tenacity, too.

I read books weekly, attended webinars, read dozens of blogs, joined e-courses … so many of them I can’t count. And I tried to implement many of them.

But until October 2013, I didn’t find any that meets ALL the criteria I set out for myself:

  • Consistent monthly income
  • Lawful in all regards
  • Ethical in all regards
  • Practicable here in Nigeria

Thankfully, I cracked the code in October 2013. And since then, I’ve refined the system, discovered more highly effective tools and strategies and eliminated what doesn’t work. The result of everything is Pen Money MasterclassTM

Are you ready to adopt trial and error for years and make dozens of mistakes like I did too?

Now, if you listen to me, I can help you make it at once, without first failing and wasting time like I did. Already, I’ve helped some achieve in few weeks, what took me over 4 years to learn and master.

Hear some of them…

“I am glad I signed up for the Pen Money Master Course. I can’t believe I already started earning (I made 3 sales through my link) just three weeks into the class. Courtesy the easy to implement lessons from the CEO of God bless you plenty, Coach.”

– Olumide Tijani | Chartered Accountant and Finance Blogger |

NB: The 3 sales he made = N17,000 x 3 = N51,000

Hear more…

“I am glad to tell you that I have made my first sale. Learning a whole lot here more than the sign-up fee because I am already earning before graduation. It’s also giving me an edge over other Bloggers I have around. They all want their site to be like mine and it’s paying off too because some of them give me little change for Coffee :D. I would boldly recommend this for anyone when the next class starts.

Attached is a screen grab of my 1st ever sale and that would be the least.

Thank you.”

– Adedoyin Olusegun | Relationship Blogger |

My Pen Money Masterclass is now opened

… and if you join before Friday, 6th of June 2014, you enjoy double discounts: a 50% discount and a N3,000 Early Bird Discount.

No prior knowledge is required. No travelling is required.

Just give me 5 weeks of your life (just few hours every week), and I’ll teach you everything you need to start making real money writing and blogging, regardless of your age, location, skills level or background.

If you’ve got any question, please leave a comment below (but please first read this page before asking. I might have answered your question on the page).

What’s your most important goal right now? What do you need to achieve it? Is it possible without money? You can leave a comment below.

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