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I’ve Failed, I’ve Learnt And I’m Growing

I’ve Failed, I’ve Learnt And I’m Growing

Vertical Writing 2In my short sojourn in life, I’ve tasted failure many times: I attended 6 different primary schools, wallowed in abject penury for many years, wrote more than 15 essay contests before I ever won 1, operated 2 blogs before which did not work, etc.

It is part of life. But you see: I’ve learnt a lot too.

I’ve greatly improved my writing. I wrote a book which has been downloaded about 1500 times. I’m running a fast-growing blog, which focuses on Nigeria but still enjoys a global readership.

And I’ve won a few essay contests. Not many really, just 7 of them. Do you wonder how my sorry story is changing to a sweet one? Well, it’s quite simple.

I learn from situations. When I fail, I don’t get bitter. I only take practical life lessons from it and move on. And that has made all the difference for me.

In my writing life, I’ve learnt tons of timeless lessons. I’ve learnt how to write essays that stand out from the page and get you picked ahead your competitors and fellow essay contest entrants. I’ve also learnt what to shun in your writing to make headways.

I have now chronicled these timeless lessons in my coming eBook: Vertical Writing. In easy-to-follow, step-by-step modules, I’ve engraved the lessons in interactive, free-flowing prose.

Do you know what the eBbook can do for you? It will teach you how to write compelling essays for competitions and stand out – all the time.

You’re probably thinking such English composition books are invariably like an anthology of formal and boring theoretical rules. Wrong!

You see – I hate reading dreary textbooks more than you do. I bet that even college professors don’t like reading those mind-numbing academic books. They just can’t help it.

Vertical Writing 1But with Vertical Writing, the endearing, chatty and riveting diction and presentation are so gripping … you’ll develop gluttony for reading it. Yes – I mean it.

Like my first book, Your Right To Write, I’ve made it appealing without being unserious; so everyone can enjoy it like it’s a thriller.

It’s not just another book out there written by some folks who have never practised the tips they preach. In the 226-page eBook, you’ll find wholly practical lessons you can start implementing right away, my experiences of failure and success that you can relate with, graphical illustrations to make writing a cinch, and an overdose of inspiration.

The launch date – by God’s grace – is Monday, 7th October, 2013. The price is N1000 ($6.5) only.

That’s very affordable right? Yes! I want to put it in as many hands as possible – like I did with my first book.

The purchase process will be very simple: you’ll be able to make payment online with you debit and credit card (including your ATM Cards) OR by manual payments. Expect more details on this later.

Finally, I’m offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. So if after buying it, you decide it’s not what you want, just let me know and I’ll return every penny you paid. Take me by my words.

If you’re failing today, you’re not alone. But there’s a way out. Like you, I’ve also failed well enough. Not that I’ve arrived. I’m still growing. But you too can step up above the horizontal crowd. Like I did. And that’s what Vertical Writing will do for you.

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  1. Tobi abdulgafar says:

    Impressive, I like your candour. Plus I look forward to reading your tome.

  2. you've come again with your brighter light of greatness just to make others do the same….
    I can't wait to get a copy of this..

  3. Ibraheem Alimi says:

    Mr. Tosin, i always received ur message am most appreciative. How can i obtain ur new ebook(vertica writting)? Thanks IB.

    • Thanks so much brother. When it is launched, the book can be securely purchased online with a debit card or a credit card so that the buyer is able to download it immediately and automatically. Alternatively, interested buyers can pay into a bank account I’ll announce so that I’ll send the book to them manually.

  4. Thanks so much brother. Together, we can conquer the world.

  5. Dewo Yusuf says:

    Mr Abdullahi,thanks for the new book. It must be readable,interesting and writing-oriented. Waiting to read it,insha Allah. I want to wish u a successful launching ahead.

  6. Abdulkadir Adamu says:

    Hi Mr. Tosin. I really am happy that you’ve written an inspiring book like this, and I can’t wait to have it when launched. However, I regret to tell you that I couldn’t get access to the first book you emailed to me. I would appreciate it if you could re-email it to me so that I could read it before the 2nd one is launched. Thanks!

  7. Hassan Colley says:

    Many times, I want to shun your write- ups but, but I often find them too compelling to ignore. Keep it up coach!

  8. Ayuk Kure says:

    Congratulations sir, only God knows how happy I am for you. You have not only succeeded in inspiring many youths out there but you have also laid a challenge right in their front yard. It is just waiting for who to take it up.

  9. May ALLAH continue to reward u abundantly.. more feathers to ur CAP. U're a BORN MOTIVATOR. "THE VOYAGE PEN" in LAUTECH was da bomb

  10. I love all your posts and I will get the Vertical Writing soon. I would have to have your number if you don’t mind.

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