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Sometimes, You Run Out Of Blog Post Ideas. Here’s What To Do

Sometimes, You Run Out Of Blog Post Ideas. Here’s What To Do

If you’re a writer or a blogger, then you know what I’m talking about.

It’s a situation we all face.

Sometimes, your head just go dry. You stare into the computer screen warming up, wondering: what do I write about today?

You’re stuck feeling that either you or someone else has already written about all the original ideas.

When next that happens, don’t get upset. Just follow the tactics below.

blog post ideas

1. Don’t hit your head against the wall

Nothing is wrong with you. You’re in good company because research has it that “lack of content creation ideas” is the second-biggest challenge for bloggers.

So know that it’s a general problem, not your personal problem, and it’s nothing you should bang your head against the wall about. Just stay cool and sip some coffee.

2. Don’t write. Read

The best and easiest way to keep your mind in constant topic-generation mode is to read always. Even if what you’re reading isn’t related to your blog niche, it still helps a lot.

Reading fires up your mind, get your creative juice flowing and helps you generate more ideas than you thought possible.

3. Embrace note-taking

In other words, write down every idea, not just the ones you think are great!

Your mind generates ideas during the least expected events – like when you’re exercising, eating or bathing.

I’m guessing your reaction when ideas pop up is to tell yourself, “I’ll write it down later.”

And then, you forget.

This way, you lose many killer blog post ideas. It’s time to develop a habit of always writing down every idea as they come. Go about with a journal or use an app like Evernote.

As proven by James Altucher in his book, Choose Yourself, this is a surefire way to become an idea machine.

4. Browse through some popular posts

Ever heard of Buzzsumo?

It’s a great tool for finding popular blog articles on any topic or niche. Just follow its link above, enter your keyword (e.g. “weight loss tips”) into its search bar and you’ll instantly get a list of the most-shared content on your topic.

Now you have a list of very popular topic ideas to inspire you.

Certainly, you want to make sure you don’t steal content. Just get inspired and pick some ideas to develop in your own words.

5. Hunt down problems

The most helpful blog posts are those that solve one or two problems. So create solution-focused content.

The first step to take to create such a blog post is to write down a list or common problems in your niche.

What questions do people commonly ask you in blog comments and by email? What questions do they ask in forums in your niche? What niche-relevant challenges did you have that you’ve now found a solution to?

Those are common problems to help you develop a solution-focused how-to article. So, list out the problems and start writing about their solutions – one at a time.

6. Use an old-school formula

This is desperate but when the situation is desperate, a desperate solution might help.

There are tons of fill-in-the-blank blog title suggestions on the Internet. An example is Jon Morrow’s Headline Hacks, which has formulas like:

  • 5 Little-Known Factors That Could Affect Your [Blank]
  • 10 Shortcuts for [Completing Tedious Process] in Record Time
  • [Famous Person’s] Top 10 Tips for [Blank]

Use these to get your creative juice flowing.

Go become an idea machine

Getting stuck with a blank editorial calendar is paralyzing.

But now you can always handle it like a true ninja and get the job done. And how do you handle it?

Be cool about it, read a lot, write down every idea, hunt down and murder problems, model popular articles and use some old-fashioned formula like you’re a mathematician.

Question: What’s your best tactic for generating great blog post ideas? You can leave a comment below.

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  1. Hello Abdullahi.
    Thanks for sharing. What we have here is a well equipped idea armory. Like always, this is another lesson well learnt.

    Enriching my social media channels with a link from you is a great way to start this weekend.


  2. Thank Abdullahi, your post resonate well with me. Most especially number 3, ” i’ll write it down later ” has always been my problem, am a big fan of ‘procrastination.’

  3. Thank Abdullahi, your post resonate well with me. Most especially number 3, ” i’ll write it down later ” has always been my problem, i guess am a big fan of ‘procrastination.’

  4. Abdulkabeer says:

    Hello Abdullah,

    This post was explicitly explained and a real problem solving one. As highlighted, many bloggers go though this challenge and your tips would really help for any type of writer / blogger.
    Thanks for always being an inspiration, you rock bro. 🚀 😉

  5. This is really great. Sometimes, i just take a walk. It works for me. Thanks a lot, Tosin. God will continue to bless you.

  6. Hafsah Babatunde says:

    That moment when one’s mind go blank can be very frustrating…thanks for these helpful tips!

  7. Kazeem Abolore says:

    Wow! Incredible! I never read up to 30% of this post that the idea of what to write for my whatsapp group came up. Thanks coach. You are highly appreciated for this.

  8. Kazeem Abolore says:

    Honestly if any would be blogger or writer does not follow your blog, he is doing a disservice to himself.

  9. One of your best post as usual M. Abdulahhi!

    When i get out of ideas, i try coming up with a string post. Something like a 3 day, 5day or even 10day posts on a single topic.

    I found out that this helps me generate ideas in advance. And also keeps me motivated, hence based on this commitment i’ll always find time to write.

    Thanks for sharing this bro. Stay Lifted!

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