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Why Blog? Here’s The ONLY Reason Why You Should Blog

Why Blog? Here’s The ONLY Reason Why You Should Blog

Do you have or have you ever thought of starting a blog?

Chances are high your answer is “Heck yes!”

If you have a blog already, I assume you started it for a reason or some reasons. Read on and see… if your reason is different from THE REASON below, then go DELETE your blog right now.

I mean it.

If you haven’t started a blog yet, here’s the ONLY REASON for which you should start it…

… to make a difference.

Yes, that’s the only good reason to start a blog. Although there are at least 29 compelling reasons to blog (maybe even many more), all of them still revolve around this one reason: to make a difference.

why blog

What difference do I mean?

I’m glad you asked, because that’s exactly the next thing I’ll tell you.

Making a difference is about improving the status quo. It’s about moving from good to great.

First… to make a difference in your own life

Selfishness is sometimes good, and here’s one example.

Do it for your own good. Start a blog because you love yourself.

Blogging helps you learn new things, think clearer, write better, build your confidence, and make money.

That’s a great way to make so much difference in your life… to improve your skills, personality and financial standing. Don’t you want that?

Second… to make a difference in your readers’ lives

Blogging positions you to put smiles on your readers’ faces.

You can help someone decide against committing suicide. You can encourage a person to get better grades in school. You can empower a person to finally quit his slavish job and live his dream. You can turn a divorce-bound marriage into a happy one.

One day, you’ll receive a thank you email from someone you don’t know, whose life you’ve changed with your language. It would make your day because there’s much joy in knowing you’ve been helpful.

Third… to make a difference for deprived people

Stop reading! Look at your fingers. What did you notice?

They aren’t equal, right?

That’s a reflection of life. Some folks have it all. Others have too little to live well.

If you have any advantage (and I bet you do), you can start a blog to support charitable causes you believe in… like bringing drinkable water to more people, or building schools for poor communities.

Last month, Pat Flynn celebrated his 32rd birthday.

No! Not by throwing up a lavish party.

He did it by raising $26,251 from his blog readers in 24 countries, and adding $25,000 to it himself, to build 2 schools in Ghana.

How generous!

Lastly… to make a difference in the world

From top government officials to a local school principal, we have leaders who make public policies and decide how societies grow.

The rest of us used to be bystanders.

But thankfully, not anymore!

Ordinary persons like me and you can now influence public policies in many ways. One of the ways (maybe the best) is to start a blog.

Go here to see how two school girls, aged 9 and 13, influenced the education policies of their respective country’s governments.

And you can even have it all

So, you don’t have to start a blog to make a difference in just one way.

Whatever your niche is, your blog can make a lot of difference to you, to your readers, to the needy and to the world all at once.

The importance of this exercise is that having a noble purpose for blogging will make you always show up, invest time and energy, and be patient, to grow your blog.

Imagine this:

  1. A man keeps sculpting a timber to make a beautiful piece of furniture.
  2. Another man keeps sculpting a timber because he sees another person sculpting (or for no reason at all)

Which of them do you think would get frustrated and quit soon? The second, of course… because he has no noble purpose for doing what he does.

So ask yourself again… why do you blog? Or why do you want to blog?

If it’s not to make a difference, you’re in the wrong game. It’s time to set things right.

So go ahead. Start a blog. Make a difference.

You have my permission (did you ever need it?)


Question: Why do you blog? Or why do you want to start a blog? You can leave a comment below.

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  1. I blog because I see a vaccum that needs to be filled, a problem that needs to be solved and a perception that needs to be changed. The way students view their studies and how they can develop their talents/crafts. I know my reasons revolve around difference making but just could not not say them. Nice piece as usual, Coach!

  2. Timely post.

  3. You’re actually on the track, Abdullahi.

    There’s no reason for blogging other than this.

  4. Excellently summarized, Muhammed.

    “Difference” is the major keyword here and a guiding one at that. When you create a blog to make a difference, things only get better. And better.

    Sadly, I fail to see that excellence in the very many blogs that spring up daily…little wonder, they also perish before noon because their founders imagined any other thing (than excellence) is a great source of motivation for starting a blog!

    This entry deserves to be read far and while. Accordingly, I’ll be sharing it immediately!


  5. Nice piece man, keep on the good work of encouragement…

  6. When I see posts that inspire me, I know one. Never think it’s what you write in there, but the passion with which you put this together. I can sense it whenever I see one.
    Plus, I always like seeing posts that are well written: they teach me to write better!

    You rock Tosin!

  7. josen bulus says:

    nice one coach, thumbs up. if not to make a change/difference nothing is worth doing. and hey coach, I sent you an email days ago and am yet to see your reply. hope you got it.

  8. akinsanya abiodun joseph says:

    Thanks for these piece. U knw ve been longing for this but, I dnt knw hw to start.

  9. Thanks for the information. Greatful

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