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4 Excuses Why People Who Should Start A Blog Never Do

4 Excuses Why People Who Should Start A Blog Never Do

Blogging is the best way I know to improve your writing skills, build an audience, publish a book, get speaking engagements, make profound impact and make money – all at once.

Many people know this, and they know they should start a blog or consciously grow the one they have… Except they never do.


You can bet they have their reasons – mere excuses, if you ask me – for not having started. I outline them below and why those excuses hold no water and should not hold you back any longer.

4 Excuses Why People Who Should Start A Blog Never Do

Photo Credit: Don McCullough via Compfight cc

1. Elementary skills level

Are you afraid of technology? Or scared your writing proficiency isn’t adequate? Or afraid you have no coding or graphics design prowess?

Yes, these skills would be useful if you have them, but they aren’t prerequisites. When I opened my blog, I knew absolutely nothing about how web hosting and domain name operate. Neither did I have a guide I could follow to get going. My writing was still elementary and riddled with grammatical errors. I didn’t (and still don’t) know how to code and maybe I will never do, because it’s not a requirement to managing an impactful blog.

I didn’t need writing proficiency and a robust understanding of how websites operate to start. I only gained those skills from day-to-day practice.

2. Lack of clarity of purpose

Yes, it’s vital you choose and focus on a niche when you start a blog. It’s also important you know whom your ideal readers are and what makes them tick.

But in truth, you often cannot have clarity of purpose before you start your blog. My first blog failed because I didn’t know something existed which is called a niche, let alone choosing one. When I started this blog, I chose writing for my niche but still completely lacked clarity of purpose.

I wasn’t sure if I should cover anything  and everything relating to writing or if I should focus on one or more of short stories, drama, creative non-fiction, poetry, essay contests, writing workshops and residencies, book publishing and a dozen more sub-categories. I wasn’t sure whether to focus on the global, African or Nigeria community.

I just knew I had to start, despite the lack of complete clarity. And I did just that. As I progressed in my journey, I observed the areas that triggered the most positive responses from my readers and the areas I have more passion for.

Today, I think I have that clarity. My audience are mostly Nigerians and I focus on essay contests (I almost dropped this), creative non-fiction, blogging, publishing and monetization of these.

If I never started, I wouldn’t know what would work best for me like I now do.

3. Inadequate financial resources

You need money to start or grow a blog. A domain name, a hosting account, a PC, a modem and Internet data bundle aren’t free resources. They cost money.

But wait… how much do you spend monthly to see movies? Or watch the English Premier League? Or buy the latest designer jeans? Or procure BIS? Or eat KFC? Or play NairaBet?


And those aren’t investments. They’re money spent, and lost forever.

When you spend to start or grow your blog, it’s a wise investment. It will fetch you revenue, and some other values, someday. And again, a domain name is now free on most web hosts. And a hosting account is now dead cheap. So go start now.

4. Time constraint

The truth is, we’re all busy. And highly distracted. We’ve got so little time and so much works, commitments, entertainment and whatnot competing for our attention.

So how has man learnt to deal with this problem? When we’re interested in a project, we find a way. When we’re not, we find an excuse.

So if you’re one of those who dream of starting a blog but think your problem is time constraint, you need a rethink. What’s holding you is a lack of will. When you’ve got a will, you’ll find a way. You’ll stop prioritizing your other commitments over your blog project.

It’s time to take a stand

I love how Derek Halpern captures the implication of giving these excuses:

“ …some people never start blogs. They say they don’t have the time. They say they don’t know how to write. They say they’re too busy focusing on other initiatives.
And that’s fine.
You know why?
Because it makes it SO MUCH EASIER for the rest of us.
We can start (or grow) our blog today, and then years later, when those other people realize they also should have started a blog too, there will be no way for them to catch up. And the people who started today can laugh their way to the bank.”

If you’ve never dreamt of improving your writing skills, publishing a book, being a better speaker, making a difference and earning from what you love, maybe blogging isn’t for you. You can forget about it.

But if you have any of those dreams, take action now.

The world needs your input. We want to hear your voice and benefit from that talent and worldview that only you have been endowed with.

Nowhere else does a huge amount and variety of talents accumulate unused like the grave. You can hone and use your talent before you enter it. But only if you act now that you still can.

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  1. Perfect piece! This is one of the blogs I always wait to read every Friday. Thanks for sharing your art, Abdullahi 🙂

  2. Hello muhammed,

    I’m glad you shared this, but you’d be surprise with the way I hissed at three except one: lack of money/resources. Consequently, that has been my setback.

    Talking about clarity, time or proficiency. Ditch that! I know I must fail in some areas to learn.

    Keep it up bro.


    • Abraham, just keep moving.

      I typed and entered many essay contests on my phone before I could afford a PC. The test of fire makes a fine steel.

      • Thanks for your motivation. Yes! I’ve murdered my fear and have been writing for contest I’m eligible for.

        I’m still going to enter more including the konnectafrica contest.

        I know one day, somehow, somewhere, I won’t put you to shame. I’ll surely win trophies in your acknowledgement.

  3. Thank you so much Tosin. Your blog has been of great benefit to me. I strive to be better after every post. My blog is a personal blog but the whole idea of carving a niche still bothers me. I feel I haven’t created a niche for my blog yet. I will keep writing though. Kudos of being a great teacher.

  4. Abdulazeez says:

    Hi Abdullahi,
    Please how can I create one?

  5. sani yakubu says:

    well done good job, please how can i download your book (your wright to write) complete as a dictionary in my phone, or is it not psissble?

  6. Darlington says:

    sincerely speaking, I deserve to be given 24 strokes of cane. I will try harder to revive my own which i started and later stopped.

  7. Nice work Tosin. Kudos and happy new month. Keep the spirit moving. You are a light to so many dark parts. I am glad to have known you

  8. u always send me ur posts wich i always like 2 read cos its gv me some piece of encouragement. that not withstanding. I followed ur 10 days tutorial on how 2 create and start blogging bt I cudnt understand anytin, there by cudnt start blogging. I stil have d desire 2 have a blog of my own, bt am stil facing so many challenges now especially on how to start. I have a p c n internet access, bt I dnt no wot 2 do wit those things. please help me out. thanks

  9. Great Post.

  10. It is So funny to me that can seen somebody like this in Nigeria delivered a great lecture free of charge without request for any penny and it also funny to me, I always being with internet looking for one or two things am not come across you blog So funny. Am really appreciate and Thanks So much ALLAH will length your life for the goodness of the world and deen of ALLAH.

  11. Pls i nid a domain 4 dis blog can i get it wit verve?

  12. Hi Muhammed,

    It seems we share some basic traits, focus and challenges…like you, when I started out, I was elementary at best – especially as regards the coding bit. That didn’t stop me however. Today, many folks consider me a success.

    From my experience, my dear Muhammed, the folk who is serious will always find a way; the unserious one, an excuse.

    Do have a very great day!


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