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How Can YOU Write A Book And Not Get Overwhelmed?

How Can YOU Write A Book And Not Get Overwhelmed?

Writing a book is an efficient way to better understand your topic of interest and establish your expertise.

But writing a book could be overwhelming. It could take years, wear you out and even deplete your resources. That’s the fear keeping many people from ever starting or completing a book.

I’ve written 5 books with three of them already published. And each time, I’ve been stuck at some points. And I know I’m not alone because I often meet or receive an email from someone asking me how best to deal with the problem.

If you have that challenge too, here are some simple yet powerful strategies that have seen me through over the years, and I’m hoping they’d help you immensely, too.

#1. Don’t wait till you’re totally ready

If you’ll ever write a book, you must start as soon as you have an idea of what you want to write. If you wait for a time you’ll completely feel secured or ready to write with confidence, then you’ll never start.

So muster courage. And start.

#2. Choose a topic you’re passionate about

Make sure the topic is interesting and out to solve the problems of your ideal readers. It’s even better if you’ve written an article or blog post on it before (my first ebook sprang from this blog post). So you’ll just expand on that.

#3. Make your focus manageable

When I started writing two of my books, I wanted to write an encyclopaedia (or something like that) on my topic of focus. And that got me stuck. So beware.

Instead, find out what’s vital on your topic and what’s secondary. Cover the vital ones (or most of them) and refer the readers to other resources for more information.

#4. Don’t edit. Just write

Writing and editing should be two separate processes. If you combine both, your writing speed drops, and the flow of your thoughts is impeded.

When you’re writing, just write. Don’t edit yet. Let the editing come much later.

#5. Write in piecemeal

Don’t aim to write a half or a third of your manuscript in a day, even when you have the time or willpower. Maintaining a consistent level of quality thoughts and expressions requires that you take time off to rest your brain at frequent intervals.

#6. Write daily

As long as you find your flow and know what to write next, it’s a good tactic to write few paragraphs in your manuscript every day.

It takes a lot of discipline to do, but writing daily can help you complete your book soon without killing your other engagements or overworking yourself.

#7. Write and save in sections

When I wrote my first ebook, I simply opened an MS Word file and wrote all sections in the same file. Many times, I felt overwhelmed scrolling up and down dozens of pages just to rearrange sections or to cut out or add a chunk to the manuscript.

By the time I was writing my second ebook, I’d learnt to save each section in a different MS Word file. So I simply dealt with each section like a short, separate blog post and did not merge the sections until I’d written all the sections.

It was a lot easier and relieving for me that way.

#8. Set a deadline

Have you ever written an article or a book till … well, forever?

That’s what happens (or may happen) when you don’t set a target date for completion of the book. But when you combine an attainable deadline with daily writing, completing your book in record time becomes achievable and easy.

Now, go get writing

I know it’s scary to step out of the timid crowd and write that book you’ve always dreamed, but I trust that your ideas matter.

You can write something meaningful. Something awesome. Something destined to change the world.

I believe in your dreams. So please don’t let fears hold you back.

If you’re planning on self-publishing your book, you can check out and join CreateSpace for free. It’s an Amazon company that helps you publish and sell your book anywhere in the world in both hard copy and soft copy and pays you high royalties.

And it’s free to join.

Createspace write a book

What other tips do you have to get unstuck while writing a book? Please share in the comments.

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  1. Ayeyemi Taofeek Aswagaawy says:

    In my few minutes of writing life, I’ve learnt to quickly jot down ideas (immediately) as it comes and not to postpone it till further times. Even if on a rough paper or your phone Draft box, just write it down.

    The essence of this is that you might forget it before the time comes. Zig ziglar said; “an idea unrecorded is an idea often lost.”

  2. useful information, i must confess..thumbs up!

  3. Dewo Yusuf says:

    That’s awesome,coach. Thanks for continue encouragement.

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