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Write Well Challenge is a FREE email course for anyone who wants to improve his writing proficiency. The course runs for 5 days and on each day, you’ll receive the lesson in your email inbox with simple, practical exercises that you can implement within few minutes and see huge results in real time.

AbdullahiWho is the tutor?

I am Muhammed Abdullahi Tosin, a writer, social entrepreneur, CEO of Naija Writers’ Coach and author of “Your Right To Write” and “Vertical Writing”. I’ve won 11 writing prizes as of January 2014 and I’ve mentored thousands of writers to realize their dreams. My goal is to help you find your voice and confidence.

But I have no talent to write…

Says who? Who told you writers are born? Truly, writing thrives with inspiration, but it’s not true that writing cannot be learnt. I’m a living testimony: I’ve learnt how to write and I’ve successfully taught thousands of writers too, most of whom are doing very well … winning prizes, publishing books and making money from writing. So I can help YOU, too, learn and master writing.

Is this course for me?

The lessons are timeless and practical. Whether you’re a beginner writer or an experienced writer, Write Well Challenge is for you.

But I’m very busy at the moment

That’s no problem. It doesn’t require a huge time commitment. If you can sacrifice 15 minutes daily for 5 days to read and implement the lessons, you’ll be amazed at how greatly improved your writing will be.

When will the course start?

The Write Well Challenge starts TODAY. Join thousands of other smart writers and start receiving the lessons right away.

The course is free if you join NOW, but it will not be free forever. You may come here tomorrow and find the fee to be N10,000. So register NOW and enjoy it for FREE.

How do I join?

Just enter your best email below NOW to start receiving the free lessons:


  1. Tijani Taiwo Ismail says:

    I have total interest in it…..
    May Allah reward u

  2. Very much interested

  3. I want Τ̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ lean

  4. Very interesting. Thanks may God bless

  5. I want to learn

  6. Bashir Abdulkadiri says:

    I have had many invitation to blog of this type,but with no follow up on my part.Seen it is ur blog and knowing whom u ar,what u can offer,and ur high level of expirience, have not only giving me d joy of been part of any program hosted by u but also the chance of inviting friends 2 learn from u.WE HAV TRY REGISTER BUT 2 NO AVAIL.


  8. Lateef oladimeji says:

    Love it

  9. I don’t write to impress but to pass messages to people and it has been helpful to myself and my followers.With this many people want more from me which in turn leads to commendations from them.

  10. Olusoji josh says:

    Hope there is notin complicated behind dis whole thing. If not, then i’m in. Thanks.

  11. Olusoji josh says:

    Hope there re no complications behind dis whole thing

  12. much intresting

  13. very intresting

  14. AKANO Sharafadeen says:

    Im ready to join

  15. FOLARIN IDRIS says:

    First an foremost I tahanks the created of website because I see it as a wellcomin development in our there socienty as a whole because I see it as compliment.

  16. FOLARIN IDRIS says:

    What a wellccomin development.

  17. FOLARIN IDRIS says:

    Okay I ill do whenever I ve

  18. its nice

  19. Am actually interested but i have problem login in my email except i use computer. I suggest u send me a link to log in and read out the comfirmation code.

  20. Am really interested but i have problem login my email wit my mobile. I suggest u send me d message allong with a link i will follow to read out d confirmation code.

  21. problem on nor-farmiliar worlds

  22. Mall. Ibrahim A O says:

    May Allah enrich more abundantly as u continue to influence people positively especially in the art of writing. Keep it up. U are always beneficial to the world at large, and ever would we remain grateful to you.

  23. I am interesting in ur dis thing but i pray to be able to do it whn u send the code or wht so ever u’re going to send

  24. babajide aina says:

    Old memory had 2 forget

  25. God i need ur help

  26. Is still on? I need to write better.

  27. This is nice

  28. Henry john says:

    Tanks 4 d offer

  29. Henry john says:

    Tanks 4 dat

  30. Stella Maris says:

    I write for the screen, hope I can ameliorate to a professional standard?

  31. Omotosho muideen says:

    If we have more people of your kind in our society, illiteracy would have long been a thing of the past. More power to your already strong elbow.

  32. Aikpitanyi Confidence says:

    You are doing a nice job.

  33. i love this

  34. PATRICK AMAKA says:

    Am realy in ilorin,can u b my mentor pls?apart 4rm email learning method pls?

  35. Can poetry be allowed?

  36. Halima s abubakar says:

    Pls am new here can u tell wat my first tax is? And how do i start as a begginer.

  37. Muhammad Garba Haruna says:

    Am highly interested. More power to your elbow.

  38. victor odiachi says:

    Thanks for the good work. May the reading and writing culture be resurrected in Nigerians again.

  39. Any competition comin up?

  40. If any , when?

  41. I have some writings that i’m not through with.

  42. Adepoju Felix Horhllarh says:

    I have lots of write ups unread, both fresh and old. I want to express a heartfelt THANK YOU to those who created this chance. It is simply a collection of the voice on the paper, Gracias mucho!

  43. martinettt says:

    i found it to register mine much interested

  44. jefferson liyht says:

    my wretin skell need

  45. Gene Blunt says:

    ok,m in…can’t wait to start learning!

  46. Thanks for this opportunity to develop and enrich our lives better…will forever appreciate it!…

  47. I love this

  48. The mailing list for joining The Write Well Challenge is not going Tosin

  49. Welldone Abdullah, You are a source of inspiration.

  50. I love this and I wish to take part.God bless you

  51. Abdullahi you have done so much kudos!!! but I hate red tapism in my life. the registration seems to be conspicuous, it’s difficult to register. Before I got your right to write to write its was a fierce battle and now I have try to register but it is to no avail. please try and reduce the complexity of the registration.

    • Hello Edidiong,

      Thanks for your feedback. I suspect the problem is from your email provider (Naij Mail) or your browser (Opera Mini). Thousands of writers have taken the course and downloaded my book and no one ever told me the registration process was complicated… because, in reality, it wasn’t.

  52. Arawa Rita says:

    I ve join so hw do I get to enjoy it?

  53. Adewumi Ibrahim Adeyemi says:

    The coach Sir, I am trying to be among your students, but whenever I sent, the response is ‘ This mailing list is not currently active. Please notify the website owner.’ Sir, I thirst for being one of the learners. kindly help me out. Thanks

  54. Anwoju Fatimah says:

    I encountered these when trying to register nd it goes,,,, mailing list not available, try the web site owner.
    I would be glad if you could look into these for me asap.
    Thank you

  55. Good day. Workdone.
    Pls, the mail list is not working.

  56. ohita afeisume says:

    Thanks for the offer.I really look forward to this course as I am a lifelong learner. There is sure to be something to gain to boost my writing.
    Thanks again for your e book. It was quite an encouraging read.

  57. I am glad to be here. I hope to find this forum helpful, as I am already a publisher at Kindle and createspace on As a self-publishing author, I do most of my writing myself. I hope to improve on my talents and also find helping hands here.

    Truly, it’s possible to learn the act of writing, as a graduate of industrial chemistry, I never thought writing books will someday be my thing. I truly love this website.


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