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Great Quotes For Writers … Few Words; Huge Impacts

Great Quotes For Writers … Few Words; Huge Impacts

You see, monotony bores to the marrow. Even if a fabric is your best outfit, you definitely don’t want to wear it all year long like a goat.

So today, I’m breaking a log-established rule here at Naija Writers’ Coach. Instead of the regular Friday tutorial, I’ve compiled a list of inspiring quotes – just 4 of them – for you. I’ve found them to be very true, practical and reassuring.

Here we go.

#1: Wondering why you should be a writer?

Here’s the answer:

…I was introduced to the danger of not having your own stories. There is that great proverb — that until the lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter… Once I realized that, I had to be a writer. I had to be that historian. It’s not one man’s job… But it is something we have to do, so that the story of the hunt will also reflect the agony, the travail — the bravery, even, of the lions. [Tweet that]

– Late Prof. Chinua Achebe, interview with The Paris Review.

#2: Do you wish you could write?

Yes you could. But only if you’re ready:

People without education say, “If only I had education I could write.” People with education say, “If only I had talent, I could write.” People with education and talent say, “If only I had self-discipline I could write.” People with education, talent and self-discipline – and there are plenty of them who can’t write – say, “If only …” and don’t know what to say next. [Tweet that]

– Peter Elbow, Writing Without Teachers.

#3: Are you a real writer?

Take this test and see for yourself:

Real writers don’t write for recognition. They don’t do it for fame, accolades, or notoriety. They do it because they cannot not write… They are compelled to create. To wonder. To dream. To express… Because if they were not writing, they wouldn’t know what to do. [Tweet that]

– Jeff Goins, The Writer’s Manifesto.

#4: Do you hate putting your writing to surgery?

You shouldn’t. Here’s why:

We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master… The first draft of anything is shit… I rewrote the ending to Farewell to Arms, the last page of it, thirty-nine times before I was satisfied. [Tweet that]

– Ernest Hemingway, The Paris Review.

Question: which of these do you like best? Or what is your favourite quote? Let’s keep the numbers going (e.g., #5, #6, #7, etc.) in the setup banner

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  1. #2, xcuses never get it done. Am learning the hard way right now.

  2. Aboki Yankee says:

    #3…that is an indictment for me….

  3. @2ru talk bro… you just changed someone's perception. Time to get off the excuses and start writing. I must commend your effort at tutoring on this platform 'cause I have learnt a lot from here since my joining your blog. More grease to your elbow. God bless

  4. Tohir Olaitan says:

    Well inspiring quotes. Thanks Scholar.

  5. Good you're ready to start the writing adventure. And I'm glad to know I've helped 😉

  6. Ishola Abdulwasiu says:

    Nice quotes. Really inspiring. Taking my write ups to people for surgical operations scares me. I guess i’ve got no better choice. Thank you!

  7. #3 is my favourite. I “cannot not write”.

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