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The 3 Most Important Things You Need For Writing Success

The 3 Most Important Things You Need For Writing Success

Do you want to achieve your writing dreams?

It’s a silly question, because, of course, you do. You want to write better, gain confidence, get published, make impact, earn money and live forever.

You know what you want, but maybe not how exactly to get it. I’ve realized ultimately that three factors are crucial on this journey to writing stardom: courage, generosity and patience.

The courage to create

This is the first step: the courage to start. The fears would be there, the resources low, and the uncertainties high.

There’s just one way out I’ve found: show up and pen your thoughts. The writing may be messy. The grammar may suck at first. Overall, it will not be perfect. It needs not be. It just has to be written.

Not because you’re content to produce mediocre pieces, but because you want to dare your fears and break the shackles into shreds. You want to convince yourself you can do it.

So wake up everyday, or twice a week, or (if you’re super lazy) once weekly, summon the courage, and create unforgettable pieces from your heart.

The generosity to share

Do you write literary pieces, think to yourself, “Damn, this isn’t good enough!” and then trash them or file them for safekeeping? Well, you should stop doing so. Today.

You need to let the words out. Your words are miles more powerful and the great ideas you scribble can impact more lives than you envision. It’s a disservice to keep them to yourself.

A disservice to yourself. To humanity.

When you write, show it to a friend, share it on Facebook, post it on your blog, send it to the dailies or paste it on a public notice board near you (but don’t spam people with unsolicited links or write-ups). If you can, write a short book and give it away, like I did.

Forget about anyone laughing at you. Don’t get enslaved by perfectionism. You need not write perfect words. Just show up, and write honest words.

The patience to wait

Few days ago, a friend wrote a poem and made a point that struck me hard: the moon doesn’t just shine anon at night. It actually prepares to shine and waits in patience all through the day.

Sadly, we haven’t learnt from that. We’re an instant gratification generation. We want to become celebrated writers, and we want it instantly.

Not a decade’s time. Not next year. Not next month. Nor next week.

Just today. Right away.

But … you’ll have to learn patience, to succeed in writing. No other way around it.

On May 29, 1953, Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay reached the zenith of Mount Everest … after years of dreaming and 7 long weeks of climbing. It was a heart-warming moment for them. For the rest of their team. And the greater part of mankind.

It was a huge victory – one attained with much toil.

What if they had been flown onto Everest by a helicopter? What value would their giant stride have borne?

So if you become a celebrated writer just today, what value comes with a victory not worked for? So persevere to try. To fail. To learn. And grow.

Persevere to grow slowly, to make money, and get published, not today, but in due course. I mean, gradually.

Be spirited to create, openhanded to share, and manly to wait. That’s the blueprint that ever worked. And that always will.

So if you’re ready to create, share and wait, I invite you to join my…

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Which of these three vital things has helped your writing dreams? Share in the comments.

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  1. Abdullateef says:

    for me, the first (i.e courage to start) together with a determination to see through what i start has been the most critical. i guess i have to work on the patience and generosity part though. thanks once again coach for this inspiring piece

  2. You are always on point you know. In my case I ‘ve deared the odds, overlooked my limitations and surmoned the courage to start. I have even been generous to give of the little that has been deposited in me but you know where the problem lies? It’s in the patience part! I wish that were ruled out completely from the list. Man, it’s difficult to wait! I launched my website, lately but the views have been mediocre despite the tantalizing contents. Well I guess there is no better advise in this circumstances than ”…JUST KEEP WAITING, SOMEDAY HEAVEN IS GONNA SMILE ON YOU”. I pray God to help me on that aspect Coach. Thanks for the tips & for the 15 days of blogging tutorial; it came just in time. I commend you for it.Remain blessed.

    • I see you’re up to a phenomenal launch of your platform. Congrats!

      As you’ll find out in the Blog Now Challenge, there is no free traffic. You either work off your ass for it or you buy it. Buying it guarantees a swift result, but you’ll have to ‘break the bank’ as it’s very exorbitant.

      Working for it works too, but very gradually. But it would be worth it in the end.

  3. Great artistic piece from our coach,thanks for the pep-talk.

  4. Nice one, I must say. They all were useful to me. I have always been so scared that there are thousands of superb writers out there and I tell myself that I am not good enough to try out! But with this piece, I guess I am set to throw my net into the waters and just try it out; wait to get some fish, and not be afraid to share it out with the world. Thank you!

  5. I am getting myself right now. I hope to have more patients than before in order to be celebrated

  6. hi,
    “for reading is an act of eternal quarrel, two minds in regenerative conflict”.
    i would love to use this rare upon beautiful moment to appreciate your immense contributions to vast human writing dreams. your works have inspired my drive to make a difference in my generation. Am a ‘growing to be published’ writer/poet, and am also about launching my website very soon. truthfully, you are the man!keep the work going….

  7. Hello Muhammed!
    You wrote wonderful words. I think that as a lot of beginning writers I have problems with courage to start. I’m not sure in structure, I’m not sure in words. What do you think of offered structure and promts to writing? – Are they applicable to blog posts writing?

  8. nnenna ijeoma ubah says:

    I am almost giving up on writing especially when it is hard to get someone to read and edit it and when one of my books is with Longman now LearnAfrica and they refused to return it to me and are not picking my calls. At what point will ones book or poems be read. Worst is I get to hear about a contest only when it has hit the dealine. Na waoh.

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