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These 35 Writing Tips Will Make You Stand Out

These 35 Writing Tips Will Make You Stand Out

If you want to improve at the craft of writing and write words that melt hearts, get ready for some real work.

It won’t happen overnight. It won’t happen in your dream. It won’t happen on your bed. You’ll have to learn and practice till … sadly, forever!

But that’s okay.

And with these 35 writing tips (given in no particular order), whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in the trench for years, you’re sure to stand out.

Writing Tips

Photo Credit: Kelly Sims via Compfight cc

  1. Love the craft. You’ll be happy to do it always and get better at it if you love it.
  2. Real writers live to do their job: writing. Show up and do it, whatever, however, wherever.
  3. The fear of making mistakes will mar you. It’s a sure way to fail before ever writing. Avoid the trap.
  4. Be human and vulnerable. Don’t fake expertise. Admit your limitations, mistakes and failures. Everyone has them.
  5. Write compelling introductions. Win your reader’s heart early on, or lose him forever.
  6. If you can, get a website. It forces you write regularly and impact others.
  7. Do what the great writers you admire all do: steal. After all, wisdom is plagiarism. Only stupidity is completely original.
  8. Simplify, always. Your job is to express, not to impress.
  9. Challenges will always come but in every situation, don’t do the easiest thing: inaction. Whether running, walking or crawling, keep moving.
  10. Polish your grammar. Language is the tool of the trade and with rusted tools, you won’t do but mediocre works.
  11. Keep a swipe file. That’s where you’ll jot down random ideas as they pop up so you can develop them later.
  12. Monetize your writing. I can’t emphasize this enough. If you don’t, you can’t sustain your writing or make real impact.
  13. Trust your guts. Be confident you’re good enough. Even if you aren’t confident, pretend you are. It helps.
  14. Use active voice. It makes your writing more powerful, concise and clearer.
  15. Be personable. Where relevant, share your experiences in your write ups.
  16. Often, look back and be thankful. It lifts your spirit.
  17. Stop writing about every unrelated things. Specialize. Give your writing a focus.
  18. When you criticize, make it constructive. When you complain about the darkness, fix the lamp or say how to fix it.
  19. Pick yourself for success, or no one else will. You can ask for favours and helps but don’t wait for them.
  20. Learn from other writers’ mistakes. Learn from history, not from experience.
  21. Get an editor. Everyone needs at least one because four good eyes are better than two.
  22. Publish and market your words and works. But don’t annoy people like some clueless spammers.
  23. Write about what you know, what you love and what you’re learning. That’s how to never run dry of ideas.
  24. Edit your work. Thoroughly. Many times. No one respects a written piece riddled with typos and grammatical infelicities.
  25. Seek and embrace opportunities. Contests, fellowships, workshops, webinars, courses and residencies on writing abound.
  26. Keep learning. Practice only makes perfect with learning.
  27. Make it easy for people to connect with your writing and offer feedback. Good comments lift your spirit. Critical ones sharpen your skills. Either way, you win!
  28. Take your writing as your profession, not just a hobby you do to kill boredom. If it’s worth doing, do it like a pro.
  29. Ship your work. Writing without publishing is as good as not writing. It won’t boost your confidence. It won’t make impact.
  30. Be concise. If any word or phrase or sentence doesn’t add valuable meaning to your write up, let it go. Feel no remorse about it.
  31. Read, read and read more. It doesn’t get too much.
  32. Fear is your enemy. Action is fear’s enemy. So befriend your enemy’s enemy. In the face of fears, take action. That’s how to scare your fears.
  33. Be interesting. No one would read you again if you bore them to tears once.
  34. Even when busy, write. Don’t relegate your writing to something you do only in your free time.
  35. Avoid ambiguity. Great writers leave no one in doubt about their exact meaning.

Question: Which of these (or other) writing tips is your best and why? You can leave a comment by clicking setup banner

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  1. Well to me, learning is key. If you stop learning about writing, you’ll just see that your writing will just be another mediocre one in waiting.
    in fact, the more you learn, the more ideas come up and the more your ability to learn more.
    Thanks Abdullah for this, though it came late today, but it is better late than never.

  2. I would opt for the “polish your grammar” option. My writing seems simple and I feel depressed with my limited vocabulary. I envy many writers with complex vocab. But nothing I can do. I just have to keep on keeping on.

    P.S. I was only confident with a contest I entered recently. It allowed limited vocabulary by its “Your writing should be non-technical. We want writing everyone will want to read.” POOR ME.

  3. Ayeyemi Taofeek Kehinde says:

    Side-stepping one’s fear and confident.
    In the absence of fear, one can move mountain. In the presence of confident, the mountain can be melted.

  4. Olaolu Oriowo says:

    Tosin, i love number 4.It’s the most challenging for writers.I call ”TEACHABILITY”

  5. Thank you Tosin…wonderful tips.

  6. More power to your elbow. I always your write up. Thanks a lot.

  7. hahahaha. Number 33 cracked me up real good.

    Read a lot, write always is my favorite mantra.

    Well done Sir.

  8. 32. Fear is your enemy. Action is fear’s enemy. So
    befriend your enemy’s enemy. In the face of fears,
    take action. That’s how to scare your fears. I LOVE THIS! IT INSPIRED ME. IT INSPIRES ME. GOOD WORK! (CAPS MINE)

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